Feeling discouraged

I had an elevated AMA on my recent labs tests but all liver function was normal. I was reading online that this means I will eventually get pbc. Feeling so discouraged! I'm only 28 and feel completely healthy otherwise. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis but that is under control. If it is pbc, can I live a normal lifespan with this? My gi doctor said to just recheck in 6 months

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  • Katie how high is your titre

  • It was 45.

  • I am 1:160. I don't know if this number means much. I'm very sure when the other members sign on you can get some great feed back. Try to be happy. I'm sorry for all of us going through this

  • Thank you for your kind reply

  • Wow my phone just keeps making corrections on my words that I don't need. I'm sorry. I just went back and edited my response to what I meant for it to say.

  • I've had PBC since I was around 20. I don't respond to the medications that I'm on, however most people do respond well and being diagnosed early is better because the medications usually help to keep levels low. I am now 47 and though my levels are 10Xs the normal I'm still not in need of a transplant. It is usually slow progressive and treating it early makes a big difference. I was diagnosed when I was 35. Get a good GI and talk to them and ask them to. R opened and honest with you. It helps. My friend also has hashimoto's and has been diagnosed with PBC. She is doing well on the urso. Stay brave

  • I have just responded to another post on here re PBC diagnosis. A 51yr old man. It seems the norm that your bloods are continued to be checked for any changes.

  • Don't be discouraged. I was diagnosed 22 years ago when I was 38. The dr found it by accident because of elevated liver enzymes I responded well to urso and have been the same stage one for 22 years. Blood is checked every three months fibroscan once a year. I itch on my back at night and I get tired. But he assured me that I will die of something else before I ever need a transplant. I am grateful considering everything else I read here. Great source for all answers. Good luck

  • Hi Katie,

    I've only just seen your post. Please read the long answer that I have just typed on here in response to a similar post by another 'poster' today, who also only has AMAs. Just having AMAs is not enough to diagnose PBC, you need to have abnormal (lfts) liver function tests (that are typical of PBC) for over 6 months; ... or a liver biopsy that shows PBC damage. Some people just have AMAs. Also, the level of the titre does not indicate the likely seriousness of PBC if abnormal lfts are found.

    Hope future checks stay healthy.

    Take care, don't worry and have fun: live your life. If anything does develop, the best way to tackle all autoimmune conditions, is to live a good, full, happy life, and avoid stress!

  • Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic's information site for AMA - please note, as others have pointed out, that a high 'titre' level doesn't mean much. Also important to note, is that there are specific 'antigen complexes' that indicate PBC.


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