My Dr. Apt

This is how my Dr apt went.

Dr walked in the room, hubby was with me.

He talked about my blood work and still wouldn't say that I had PBC/aih

But with my alt and ast raised and my alp lowered he said that he wants to add 40 mg of prednisone a day, he went by my weight I'm 5"7 and 160 lbs

My husband asked him a few questions about smooth muscle and dr wanted me to take prednisone 40 mgs for a month do more blood work and then he mentioned biopsy.

After talking to quite a few of you one in particle, i knew that I needed a biopsy and not to Waite. I was texting right up to the time my doctor walked in the room and biopsy was plastered in my head. Lol

I started to to talk to the dr. He then went into PBC and the name change

I interrupted him and told him that we are a member of this group and that we already talked to the PBC founder for over an hour on the phone he's in the U.K. and I have PBC / aih and I need a biopsy. He seemed to get relieved and only then he started talking straight. He then felt my stomach and showed me where my organs are because I asked. He was going to give me the biopsy but he was going to schedule it after the prednisone was done I'm sure. My husband doesn't think so. He doesn't know what happened first PBC or aih or at the same time but he told me to stay away from alcohol. That's not a problem for me. He basically said what Robert said. Live your life, get out there and live. I asked him if I would see my 10 year old graduate high school. He said that if I take my medication and stay away from alcohol I will live my life expectancy. At night when I get in bed I start feeling prickly skin. But that could be my animals getting in our bed. I'm allergic to my cats but I like them. But other than that I'm fine. And I'm going to live and you all have to live too.

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  • Thank you Jennyhadenough,

    You were prepared. Good deal! Sounds like a positive appt. Very encouraging. I'm taking your advice today. Living!! Cleaning house and preparing dinner for friends coming over later. Taking my time, going at an easy pace. Haven't entertained guests since this all started 6 months ago.

    It's a gorgeous day in Kansas! Keep us posted on future appts. We all learn from each other.

    Have a good evening.


  • Have fun tonight. You deserve it

  • Hi Jennyhadenough,

    Just wondering how did you find out you had aih,was it your blood tests?

  • My smooth muscle titre

  • My smooth muscle titre was 1:80

  • Ah right. Couldn't remember if I was checked for that but just checked my records online and I was. At least you seem to be getting somewhere now with your gp. I start feeling prickly sometimes when I'm sitting watching TV, and I find if I go to a cooler room or outside the back door for a few minutes it sometimes helps. Trouble is, that would probably wake you up if you're feeling it in bed. Hope you continue feeling well otherwise.

  • 1:80 is a very weak positive. But because my alt and ast enzymes elivated and my alp declined i had the feeling about the smooth muscle, my first blood test all three started to decline on their own and my second one was with the start of Urso all three dropped by 45% then this one just my alpdeclined.

  • It's good the urso seems to be doing it's job. Good luck with the biopsy.

  • Jennyhadenough. Well you keep your spirits high and stay positive. I know it is easier said than done, but it is the only way. Hope you get answers soon

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