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PBC infertility and risks to baby

Hi I've been referred to the infertility clinic due to probable PCOS. Dies anyone have any advice about pregnancy and PBC.

I have only just been diagnosed with AMA's when the doctor was investigating my infertility. I see the infertility clinic on Tuesday but my appointment with the liver specialist isn't to May.

Any advice or experiences are appreciated . I've read threads on here about women losing their babies at 17 weeks due to spikes in their bile and I'm concerned.

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Hello! I was dx'd at 36 yrs old and had a baby at 38 years old. In my personal experience, my pregnancy was without complication. My liver enzymes, bilirubin and alk pros levels were all normal. In all actuality, I never felt better. It was about 8 months after I had my daughter that my levels elevated. They were barely elevated, but I did have inflammation in my liver as well as a couple lymph nodes. I didn't feel well for a while after that. It wasn't till my daughter was about a year and a half when things finally started to calm down. I think I could have helped things a bit more by watching what I ate. You know, new mommy, grab as I go kinda thing. Never the less, I was monitored very closely the whole pregnancy and after and we're all ok. Best wishes to you in your journey. You've got this!


Hi j Henderson.

Personally I never felt better when I was pregnant . I was 40 my liver enzymes improved during my pregnancy. I have a gorgeous healthy(fingers crossed) boy now 9. Good luck to you and yours.

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Hi I was diagnosed 14 years ago just after the birth of my son. I went on to become pregnant, by IVF 10 years ago. My PBC was hardly mentioned... however, I lost my baby boy at 15 weeks. An autopsy confirmed it was through my "Sticky" Blood, PBC was never cited as a cause, and to be honest until recently and after reading a couple of posts on here I've never thought of there being a connection. Good luck with your IVF xx


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