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Does raised free kappa & lamdba come under PBC umbrella??

Before my dx last yr I had bloods drawn for bone disease...but come bck after Alkaline pros..Ama.Ana ..protein electrophoresis came bck raised and positive...it always bothered me my kappa & Lamdba coming bck raised too.. is this connected??....for the last yr iv had raised white cells without bacteria in my urine ...don't know if this connected also..(super confushed)..feeling totally run down this last yr & thought should I be looking at this as a connection??

Thanks guys for looking at my post..any help totally appreciated..😉

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Hi. I see no replies so I just wanted to tell you that I have PBC and have no issues with my gamma or kappa free light chains, no M-spike or other related issues. However, my husband suffers from another, somewhat rare disorder called MGUS, which has caused an elevation in his kappa free light chain and a positive M-spike. Here is an excerpt of the explanation of what MGUS is: Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) is a condition in which an abnormal protein — known as monoclonal protein or M protein — is in your blood. The protein is produced in a type of white blood cell (plasma cells) in your bone marrow. MGUS usually causes no problems but can be a precursor to multiple myeloma and other blood dyscrasias.

I have not read or heard from our doctors that the MGUS is related to PBC, but then so little is known about what is and isn't a normal cohort of PBC that it's worth asking your gastroenterologist about the free light chain abnormalities.

Good luck and please post if you find any links to MGUS since I'd be interested in knowing for my husband's sake.

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