Upper stomach pains, nausea & vomiting

I've recently been having bouts of significant pain/discomfort in stomach, direct center not the usual right sided discomfort I get. This comes on fairly suddenly and makes me nauseous to the point of vomiting. At first I thought it was due to fatty foods but it just happened and I haven't had anything to eat that should cause this. Does anyone else get this and have you found it's related to gallbladder, PBC or maybe something else? Has happened 2 or 3 times in the last month. Thanks for any words of wisdom you might have!

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  • Hi there ,I get it and it's awful.

    It's a biliary spasm and buscopan is the only thing that helps me.

    Still a good idea to see your doctor though.

    Good luck x

  • Yes, I have a call into my doctor. Thanks so much for your reply - very helpful!

  • Hi i get it every month feel like i am going to pass out. Going in for an endoscopy on the 9th Dec.to find out.

  • Good luck with endoscopy. Would love to hear what they tell you about it.

  • Hi Moepag had the endoscopy they could not find anything wrong to cause the pain i have been having. My gallbadder is on the small side. They are now looking at a HIDA Scan ( a radioactive tracer injected into a vein in my arm)

  • Thanks for the update, Maureen. Hope you get some answers to what's causing your pain!

  • Hi, l had this and it turned out to be gallstones. Does it get better after you have been sick? And does it start just after you've eaten?

  • Yes, can almost feel the pain washing away after. I will have to really keep track of what/when I've eaten. Did you have your gallbladder removed?

  • Yes I did and several gallstones. To start with I only got pain occasionally, but eventually I had it every time I ate. After 4 days in a row that I was sick whatever I ate, I went to gp. He at first thought it was helibactor pylori but after treatment for that and no improvement,had an endo then scan found the gallstones.

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