I am 55, married to my child hood sweetheart and I have 1 son. After many test and more to go, I was diagnosed with PBC this morning. I have been researching this and appreciate all the testimonies posted on this web site. I feel blessed that it is not an right now situation and I am praying for those that have PBC. Please keep in mind, we're not the only ones with this and we will overcome with God's protection.

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  • Hi Tina, thank you for your post. PBC is not so bad for me although I realise that many suffer a lot more than I do. Have had it for 10 years now, diagnosed 6 years ago and put on medication of Urso. Still leading normal life, no itching, coping well with tiredness and generally feel good. The symptoms vary a great deal. Keep smiling, things could be worse. X

  • When I was first diagnosed I felt afraid . But recently my 10 year old grandson was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive leukaemia . Seeing how brave he is going through intense chemotherapy makes me feel so humble. He now has to also have insulin 5 times a day!! He has terrible side effects to chemo. The leukaemia that he has also has a high relapse. I pray he survives this fight. I thank god I have pbc and not brings home the fact that there is always someone worse off. Please pray for my grandson And anyone who is suffering from cancer.

  • Lcagar 63. My heart goes out to you and your family, and that very brave grandson of yours.

  • Thank you so much x

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