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Aching ankles. Help!!@

I occasionally get achey ankles. Mainly when ive worked. Every other weekend i work 4 days in a row. 2 7hr and 2 8hr shifts. Not only am i shattered after this my ankles ache so much and wrists. I stand for the whole of my shifts supermarket. Why? Should i see doc? Pbc related? Peri menopause related?. Sat in bath hoping for the ache to sudside. Doesnt help were short staffed running round like headless chucks. Ive really had enough. Im 47 going on 97 right now. May i add i normally attend the gym 4 times a week. HIIT and weights which cause me no probs. Just this work business does 😢 plis think.im allergic to air conditioning too have splits in nose from constant running? Hate going to docs these days. So any help appreciated. Feel better for sounding off. Not posted for ages 😆

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Hi Louedwards

I am thinking that supermarket floors are very hard laid over concrete and I suspect you are obliged to wear "tidy" shoes. When you go to the gym you pprobably wear trainers with lots of padding under foot. If this is so then ifmyou can wear a trainer type shoe for work then it will help to cusion the hard floors. It is rare nowadays that I have to stand long hours but I used to lay on the bed in reverse and put my feet on the wall above the bedhead. It seemed to ease the discomfort. Do you find massaging your feet and ankles hurt? And of course there is the age old question which applies to me but may not apply to you is about weight.

Hope this is of some help or maybe gives you a different thought.

Best wishes

Apologies for typos above cannot get tablet to go back to make corrections.


We have to wear orthopeadic shoes/Trainers so dont think its that. Very nice they are NOT lol. My weight is good. But thankyou


Morning LouEdwards

I have had the ankle problems on and off, they click and sometimes I can't even take a step forwards as they are hurting so much. This usually lasts a few days then it's gone but does come back over and over.

Unfortunately the GP just says to loose some weight ( like it's easy and I'm not trying) I've put up with this for over a year now but I'm sorry I have no answers and I do suffer with knee problems too, they swell up and after rest they go down but again very painful, GP did offer physio for the knees but I feel this will aggravate them more. And I would have to find a day for this too.

I'm 51 sometimes feel a lot older.


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I have had problems with ankle joints ( and still do but now I am incharge) -in fact they were the first reason for going to the GP. I can only stand 20 mins before pain kicks in and walk around for an hour. I have found that the time I can stand /walk is increased by sitting or leaning so taking weight off legs for as short a period as 2 mins. Physio helped my knees - so if you have been offered that option go for it.

I think most of us with PBC would say we feel much older than we are. I am 66 but for the last 6 years mostly feel much older.My aunt at 85 can walk and stand for much longer than me . - we are having to rest for me !!! - Urso has reduced the problem in that my recovery is faster especially if aided by a hot bath before that it was unending pain.

Look at your legal rights in terms of work providing you ways to continue working - like 5 minute sitting break every hour might be a way forward.

I gathered from the one liver specialist that the pain is the build up in lactic acid( usual for everyone)but cos of altered liver function it is not cleared as effectively from our muscles and blood.

hope this helps a bit.


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