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PBC and Early retirement in education

Hi everyone. My very first post, although I regularly keep up with all the posts and replies.

Just wondered if any teachers/ headteachers have successfully applied for ill health retirement after diagnosis of pbc. Currently doing supply after giving up headship 3.5 years ago. However finding supply difficult now.

I am considering early retirement and would appreciate any advise with the process; pit falls, evidence required etc.


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Hi, I'm not a teacher but worked for the local authority for a very long time. I was given early retirement last year and basically it was based on the fact that I was off sick quite a lot. I had the protection of a permanent job and the backing of the Union. The consultant wrote an excellent supporting letter outlining the reasons why I could continue having days and weeks off work because of fatigue and itching etc. The councils medical team also supported my application, there had been one case of an officer having PBC a few years earlier and this actually set the procedure for me luckily enough. So, get lots of evidence, GP, practise nurse and your consultant to support your retirement. I hope it all works out well for you, I'm very happy retired and I do consultancy work when I feel able to.


Thank you. This is really helpful. I'll keep you posted!


. I can tell you about my experience and hope it helps.

I was diagnosed age 39, 16 yrs ago and took ill health retirement 4 yrs ago now. As you will probably be able to relate to, my health deteriorated over the time I was at work. I was a full time midwife that drained me both physically and emotionally. I approached occupational health on numerous occasions and the consultant was most helpful, suggesting to my managers that they made adjustments to my workload. This worked for a few years until it became untenable. What made it worse was that I was in denial and kept insisting I could do the job every time I returned to work after sick leave. By the way occupational health make adjustments inline with disability law.

The final time I went off sick 2 days after my hols and knew I wouldn't be going back! But my trade union rep advised me not to say anything to work and she came with me to all my meetings with them. I would recommend union support. It was difficult at first because I knew I couldn't go back but I'm too honest and it didn't sit comfy with me keeping it to myself. But after joint meetings with management, unions and occ health I achieved my goal 14 months later.....just as my money ran out!

I can honestly say I wish I'd done it 5 yrs before but I pushed myself to reach 50! My pension was enhanced to 55, so I got a full pension. Life after work is different and I self manage my Pbc ......I've probably not the energy I thought I'd have but glad I did it nevertheless. Hope this helps, any other questions just ask....Sue xx


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Thank you Sue for your reply. Really helpful. Lot to think about.


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