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Travel Insurance..... Fantastic !

Morning all, just thought I would share my experience regarding my purchase of travel insurance.

My insurance is due for renewal at the end of Sept, & I'm currently insured with Staysure, I received an email from them yesterday advising of a 20% reduction if purchased before midnight. As my premium for the year was £289 ( annual multi trip for both myself & hubby ). I was immediately interested in getting it renewed at a much reduced price, & rang them. Nothing had changed in the last 12 months, so I was shocked when the operator advised the new premium was £304, including the 20% !!!!! Needless to say I didn't take them up on the offer & said I would shop around.

I contacted Saga first, who said they could not commit to an annual multi trip ins, but would cover for a single trip, at premium of £93.

Then this morning I called World First ( I had never heard of them, until I read on this PBC site, people who had recommended them ), I gave them all the same details & they quoted £100.65 for annual multi trip. 👍 Woo hoo !!! Result ! Chuffed to bits.

But what a rip off from Staysure & Saga.

So thanks to those on this site who recommended World First, I saved a small fortune.

Happy holidays 😎

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Hello Dieselwales.

I think yo do have to shop around for insurance in particular. I've no experience of travel insurance as always holidayed in the UK where I live. But you never know....as I did once request a quote as was planning on a holiday overseas (decided not to bother in the end due to finances) and the company I was using don't seem to do insurance for anyone with conditions anymore.

I think that these insurance companies that state they will insure travellers with health conditions can charge more as they know that majority of others either won't cover or it can be rather like a maze to get the quote so they state they specialise in this and it might be thought cheap but on the whole it might not be so. Suppose though it does guarantee one the cover they might require.


Hi Dieselwales. I was really interested in your post but I'm not sure it'll be any good for me as I tend to take longer than normal breaks. Most insurance policies allow up to 30 days for a single trip which isn't really any use for me as I can sometimes be away for 90. Up until diagnosis I was with Virgin as they have an annual policy that covers longer individual trips and it was very good value for us as a couple. I'll be looking around again soon so it'll be interesting to see what changes with my diagnosis of PBC. If I still get a good deal with them I'll make sure I post it on here. Just out of interest I went through and put in dates for my next trip with World First and it was significantly more than my annual Virgin policy - even before I put in my medical condition. I guess longer trips are just considered too risky by most insurance companies. Maybe a sign of the troubled times we live in too. I'll update in due course. Regards. Adele


Morning Adele

You're right, the cost will rise significantly for holidays over 31 days, unfortunately, my hubby still works so we are not in a position to holiday for extended periods.

With regards to World First, i spoke to them directly, as opposed to on line, & they were very thorough . The cover it provides is excellent, but I hope I never gave to claim. ( I think that is probably when you find out if it really is good ).

Hope you find an insurance that's not too excessive.

Take care

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Thanks Dieselwales. I guess it's the price we pay for enjoying extended travel so I shouldn't moan - but would love it even more if i was cheaper, naturally! I'll still give World First a shout in the future if we end up taking individual trip policies - you never know. I hope you enjoy your next holiday away. Adele

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