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Fatigue & Itching in PBC

A few months ago I began to notice a link between the severity of my fatigue and itching. I never really thought about it before but within a few hours of my itching becoming really troublesome I seem to be overcome with exhaustion. This can then go on for days or weeks at a time.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Can anyone explain why it happens?

I would really appreciate your thoughts.

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Hello Byjas.

I had fatigue in my year of diagnosis - 2010 - but at some point during 2011 it vanished. I did start with the itch in a bad capacity early 2010 and this is how it led to being diagnosed with PBC December 2010.

The one thing I thought of was are you getting sleep during the night or is the itch causing a problem? I find I can get tired mid-afternoon (around 3-4p.m) if I've not had a few hours at least sleep during the night caused by the itch I tend to get late at night and through the night these days (it seems to have vanished by 6a.m).

If you are not getting adequate sleep I expect that fatigue would feel even moreso and alongside the itch it is definitely not a good combination.


oh I'm going to have to watch for that link? I'm pretty much always tired, but there are times I'm definitely more tired with the fatigue. thanks for that - I'm going to keep an eye on it :)


MY ' brick wall' fatigue went when they put me on vit D. I haven't noticed a link with the itch just good times & bad.


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