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Strange question

First thing ...Happy Mother's Day! This is probably a strange question but here goes. I got my latest lab results from my GP and it shows my WBC and Neutrophils are high. I know WBC can mean infection but I have not been sick or anything. My A/G ratio and AST (SGOT) are low. (Not exactly sure what this is) My question..is this a symptom of PBC or something else? Thank you for any advice you can give. 


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The only thing I know Lisa15 is that neutrophils are also a type of white blood cell and are produced when we are fighting some infection.  WBC count also can mean the same but only a doctor could translate it properly for you.

I know that my WBC (white blood cell) count usually comes back a bit under the normal range but not much, has since I started itching when I first had a full blood count after quite some years of no bloods for anything and it has remained so since.

I am not sure if it is all connected to PBC but given PBC is said to be auto-immune I think perhaps at times our WBC count and other bloods can go a bit haywire due to other factors.

Personally I'd request a short chat with your doctor with your concerns.  I have no idea what the others are that you have mentioned:- AST (SGOT) - in realtion to your stating they 'are low' means.

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Hi Lisa,

Just to agree with Peridot.  Think it's best to ask your GP about it, as high WBC levels can be caused by quite a few conditions including stress!


Hi Lisa, 

I can't tell based on this information whether PBC is the cause of this.  Your doctor will need to investigate further.

High levels of WBC and Neutrophils indicate that your immune system has been activated.  This typically happens with infection, but it can also indicate autoimmune disease flaring up.

If WBCs are only somewhat elevated, it could simply be a low level infection.  If WBCs are very high or if they have been elevated over a long period of time, it is more of a concern and further testing needs to be done.

Low A/G ratio also points to autoimmune activity.

Normally, if PBC is causing the autoimmune activity, you will see elevated AST or ALT (indicators of liver cell damage) or elevations in ALP or Bilirubin.  If these levels are normal, it could be something else activating the immune system such as chronic inflammation or a number of other things.  

Sometimes it turns out to be nothing of concern and levels return to normal after a few days.

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