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To beat anoxeria nevorsa

How to increase body weight,.

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Hi Angelo,

Welcome to the PBC community! Do you have PBC? Are you being treated for PBC and taking any medicine for the condition?

It is such a great, huge, amazing thing to beat Anorexia Nervosa. I'm sure everyone on this forum will be wishing you well and wishing you success with the challenge.

If you have had Anorexia, your body and everything in it will be out of balance. No one on this community will be able to tell you how to gain weight safely as a doctor needs to check first what is out of balance and then give you guidance on diet to correct those imbalances. This is really important for your health - and safety!

Once, under the guidance of a doctor or specialist nurse, your body is back safely in balance, then the diet can begin slowly, to work towards gaining and maintaining a healthy weight. Most of us on this site are not medically trained and no one will have knowledge of your test results, what conditions you have, what medicines you take, your full medical history and your specific needs. This is why we cannot advise you on how to gain weight.

Please speak to your doctor for advice. This is essential, especially if you have any other condition as well, such as PBC.

There is actually a community on Health Unlocked that you may be interested in called Anorexia Bulimia Care. If you click on My Communities on the tool bar above and then Browse.

If you do have PBC, there is also a link at the top of this page to the PBC Foundation, who may also be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

Just talking about Anorexia is a huge step!