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I recently had an ultrasound scan on my liver; something that happens quite regularly. Went to the GP to get the results. He said that my liver looked fine, as did my spleen and kidneys. BUT .......... I had a pancreatic cyst. Aaagghh! I have an appointment to see my consultant, but would love to know if this has happened to anyone else. Could it be as a result of the PBC, or another autoimmune condition, or totally random?

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Hi,Don't know if this helps by about 18 months ago something similar was spotted on my pancreas via ultrasound. It is good to have it checked but I h as 've not experienced any further problems as a result of mine. I hope you won't either. Good luck.


Hi, I have had 3, MRIs on my liver in the last year. I am told my liver is doing well, however, I have multiple cysts on my liver & one on my spleen. I also have 2 nodules, that the Dr. thinks are harmatomas. So, as long as there is something there, they must keep a check on it, in case there should be any changes. My Dr. says it's not unusual for most people, over the age of 40, to have cysts or harmatomas, & not to worry because they are usually benign, however, because of PBC, there is always a chance of them developing into tumors, therefore, they will watch them.

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Hi, Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI show nothing but C19-9 is elevated so likewise monitoring mode. Think precautionary more than anything. Apparently this marker is elevated in people with liver problems/bile duct problems but they have to check everything once blood tests show something I guess.


Having said all that, the MRI I had showed I may have endometriosis (ultrasound didn't even suggest anything like that) however after laparoscopy & cyst removed lab tests show that it's not, so hard to judge anything really.


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