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Holiday time! Need insurance?

I just got insured with goodtogoinsurance.com which I believe is a partner of Columbia insurance for those with health problems. I have portal hypertension and varices and it was the latter, despite being banded whilst still quite small and never having experienced any bleeding, which upped the premium and led Columbia to direct me to their partner. We will be camping in France for about 6 weeksand I am 69 years young, so the premium of £400 may not be too bad. Hope some-one finds this useful.

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I just insured with World Wide Travel today, always excellent, professional and fair, have used them for the last 3 years.


Thank you for this. I have been so frustrated as also have a couple of varices the size a pinhead but am on Carvedilol which I have been told targets them and may even make them disappear. Despite this the premiums I have been quoted leap up as soon as they are mentioned. Will try this company and hope I have success.


Hi I've always taken annual insurance with World Wise. Very reasonable. X


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