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non-diagnostic changes

When I was first diagnosed (9 years ago) I received a letter stating that the liver biopsy showed very minor and non-diagnostic changes raising the possibility of early stages PBC.

I have never really understood non-diagnostic changes - can anyone of you lovely people on here enlighten me?

My GP at the time was not easy to talk to and has now retired, the current situation at the surgery is that they are all so busy there is no time for chat and asking a question from 9 years ago seems to me to be a waste of their time.

Appreciate any help, thank you.

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Hello butterflyEi.

I think the terminology 'non-diagnostic' means that the sample that was taken was not enough to give a definite diagnosis. For eg back in 1989 my former late husband had a lumbar puncture when an hospital in-patient. This was not done correctly resulting him in having to have another one.

I don't think you'd be wasting any doctor's time by asking after all this time. I think I'd be inclined to make an appointment with a doctor in surgery who you feel the most comfortable with and then go in and ask about PBC and mention you never understood a terminology that was used several years ago. As you are aware not being a medic I and probably almost everyone here also could perhaps only speculate as to what the outcome of your biopsy was.

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Thanks Peridot.


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