Entering the gloom-again

Hi anyone.got to go for MRI this Sunday at 9.10 to acess these nodules yet again on my liver.had ct scan jan 13 to see if I had cancer and it was how they arrived at pbc.i asked at Christmas if I needed another scan and they sent me for ultrasound.the lady who did it filled me with dread but never heard any more so thought everything was normal.in April I asked for result of scan and specialists face changed when he read whatever it said.he said they had recommended an MRI.four months ago!like to bet if I hadn't asked they wouldn't have cared.anyway now dreading results before I even have them.thats if anyone will let me know.shouldnt see my specialist till October as my bloods are great now.scared but will go through with it.

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  • I feel so sorry that you have had such rubbish service from your medics. I hope the fact that they have not chased you up is an indicator of good news. You must ask when the results should be through and then nag until you get them. I hope all goes well, sending good thoughts your way.

  • Make an appointment with your gp for about 2weeks after MRI. He should be able to give you results. Good luck

  • your sure to be worried, but try and stay positive til you know any different, at least you should get to the bottoms of things, take care x

  • Hi, when I first had a MRI I was a little scared of the results, but another patient.t said "Why worry over something that we are not sure of. I agree the thought is there but stress is not a good thing. The staff who do the scans never say much, they just say that is the consultants job. If there is a serious problem you would have been called back straight away. Take. care

  • Thanks for all your concerns.its nice to know whatever the outcome I'm not on my own.just get sick of fighting for what ought to be automatic.if I didn't ask for things they wouldn't happen I'm sure.anyway will post outcome when I hear

  • Can you take someone with you to help remember things that are said? - we often get nervous and confused in these stressful situations, and forget stuff that's said , and things we want to ask. Also write any questions beforehand, and make notes of what the consultants etc say: and keep on asking if it's not clear, or they don't answer. Again someone with you that you trust can help you with this. Good luck, it sounds like you have had shameful treatment. I would make a detailed record of what happens when, when they say you will get results, when you do get actually them, and when you have to badger them. Also, each time, ask for a printed copy of all results and letters - and make sure they put all ranges (eg normal) and units alongside each result. You are fully entitled to all of this, by law. Also ask consultants to write to you as well as to your GP.

  • Thanks as always for your concerns and advice.well MRI done approx 15 mins in the'tunnel'.nurse asked when my appointment was I. Replied I didn't really have one and would be seeing consultant in October.(increased length now as bloods about normal).She didn't seem surprised(hope that's a good thing)and said that results should reach my consultant in 10/14days.well fingers crossed.think I'm an expert on liver probs now.spent last year and a half googling these little varmints on my liver

  • I live in France and I am thinking of returning to UK but I really worry about the nhs. If I have a scan here I walk out of the place where they do it with the scan results in my hand. Its my body and my scan, same with blood results. I then take these to see the doctor or specialist but I keep hold of them. In case I decide to change doctors or specialist. They treat people like babies in the UK and they seem to avoid telling people whats going on with their bodies. I do understand that not all people like to know all the facts but you should be given the choice and the waiting time to see the doctor to know the results is too long and so stressful. Sorry rant over. Try not to worry Cazz if your bloods are good then thats got to be a good sign.

  • Cheers Iowcaro.i agree with you whole heartedly.my daughter in law has paid to go private recently for a swollen leg and also had an MRI scan.she had to wait a week for results too!in my case coming up a week this sun but to date not heard a thing.ah well,on wards and upwards .x

  • Well. Just to update as suspected had to ring up consultants secretary to ask if anyone had looked at scan.secretary got back to me later and said she had asked a doctor to look at scan.he said altho nodules still there nothing to worry about!!ah well I give up

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