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Elevated Amylace levels

Has anyone received elevated levels of Amylace? Diagnosed with PBC October 2012 Stage 3. I've been having severe pain under my left rib cage, along with heart palpitation and sweating when I eat, and get bloated and feeling full even though I don't eat much. Not losing any weight though. Feeling very fatigue and sometimes shortness of breath. Last week, saw my Gastro who ran blood work and stated my amylase levels were elevated but nothing to worry about and that my pain under my rib cage was my bowels, and all the other symptoms was anxiety that I was having. I don't believe his diagnosis as the pain worsen with different foods that I eat. I have decided to eat pretty much nothing throughout the day in order to avoid the pain I get. I even hurt when I sit for long periods of time. Gastro wants to put me on anxiety medication. I don't think so! Does anyone know or think of what's going on.

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I also had bloating when i ate, pain under rib cage, ate very little but wasnt losing weight. Doc wasnt helpful at all. Then last october pain was unbearable, sweating & vomiting. Rushed to a&e. Had 1gall stone stuck in neck of gall bladder. Had gall bladder removed, bloating has gone, enjoying eating food again. In fact i now say i get hungry. Have had pbc from 2011, dont know what stage.


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