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i have questions about PBC and enlarged lymph nodes!! Im in the us,diagnosed with PBC since 2002! thought i was doing good since this !


had ultra sound of my left armpit in dec ! they said it was enlarged and now i have to repeat the US to check for changes since they are still swollen and painful at times! just had a x ray of my chest and it appears i have some lymph nodes there also !! any connection with PBC? thanks im very puzzled

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I have horrendous fatigue and I have read that enlarged lymph nodes can be symptom of that,, the ones in my neck are often enlarged and sore. Go see your consultant or GP and ask. Good luck.:)

I get enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and thigh. Had tests etc re worries of cancer - all clear. I just put it down to PBC as there was no other explanation.

cocotte5 in reply to Val02

thank u!

thanks to you all!! going monday to have anotherUS and check for changes! and also a cat scan of my chest! thanks god my blood tests were almost perfect exept [as usual] my AP[142] and ANA was negative! had a very hard and tiring winter ,here in michigan,very cold and lots of snow,lots of stress also worrying about driving to work etc.. ..

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