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Has anyone had improved fatigue symptoms by taking magnesium threonate? My fatigue has diminished since taking. Coincidence?

I've been diagnosed almost a month ago and am wondering if my fatigue would have improved anyway whether or not I took the Mg Threonate, or maybe I was just Mg deficient and improvement had nothing to do with PBC. Has anyone experienced any issues like this?

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Hello Abigail53.

Well I am not sure being magnesium deficient has anything to do with fatigue and PBC as you have mentioned.

I presume you have been started on urso for PBC. I was diagnosed in Dec 2010. During that year when I started itching and was fatigued, started on the road to PBC diagnosis. At the time I was fatigued I was working beyond the hours of my working contract and though taken on part-time as an assistant shop manager, due to my full-time manager going on sick leave for 6mths I ended up having to fill her shoes in her absence. Working with just one day off in a week in that time and no holidays for 8 months was not good, moreso if I was about to be informed several months later I had PBC> I was 46 at the time.

I ended up quitting my job when my colleague returned. My husband's idea. I am fortunate that due to new rulings whilst I was a widow, when I remarried I kept my late first husband's pension and do for life. That equates to about 10hrs per week at the England minimum wage as an income. I took on voluntary work again.

My fatigue just vanished at some point after starting urso. I'd say within the year. The itching at night of course has persisted.

I think for some of us fatigue can leave us but there's no way of knowing if it could ever return but also at the same time if we try to keep our bodies in tip top condition I am sure that also counts for something. Fatigue and itching are deemed the commonest symptons of PBC (and other liver conditions) and like me I think we can count ourselves lucky there at present if we are quite fatigue free (not to say I don't get tired due to many restlessnights due to itching). Itching is no joke but I think some who have both are that bit less fortunate.


Hello Abigail

I was only diagnosed with PBC just last week but im really fatigued, so interested in what you say. I have not been prescribed anything as my LFT is normal. I plan to keep a diary of my sleep pattern and fatigue to see how it is for a month so will see how it goes.

Thanks Jane


Hello ReiversMrs.

You'll have to update us all if you do keep a journal/diary on sleep patterns and fatigue (I don't have fatigue, not since just before and after diagnose Dec 2010).

However, I did once write down how I was itchwise day-to-day and after awhile I quit as I couldn't figure out any of it. I wrote down odd things that I ate differently on a certain day and how I was at night with the itch but then realised it was looking like there was no significant pattern at all. I've just come to the conclusion that with PBC in a bizarre way there is no way of knowing how you are going to be from one day to the next.

Things I eat on odd days that I feel are not great I feel better at night and when I feel I've eaten exceptionally well I itch seemingly more so I just crack on with life thinking it isn't worth the effort in trying to figure the itch out.


Hi Jane and Peridot - Keeping a journal is an excellent idea. I'm keeping track each day of how I feel after eating different foods. I'm new to this and am just trying to figure out what works for me. I bought the Mg for my hubby and tried it out as well, and felt a difference in how I feel these last two weeks. I've still had fatigue but not as often and not as debilitating. I've been on Urso for the last month. Good luck Jane finding answers. Abigail


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