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Has anyone been jaundiced at all? Few people had commented to me about it x I got my bloods checked x was told that my lft was fine but that my billirubin was high x that's what had caused it. A nurse has told me that a number of things can cause it inc stress x at the time my mum was seriously ill. 10 days later x I'm still glowing x my consultant has got me an appointment to c him on mon but I'm feeling quite anxious about it.

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I remember before I was diagnosed a friend asking me had I just been on holiday because of my tan and I laughed it off saying what tan it's make up and I wasn't stressed or anything at the time but I do look close at my skin now and sometimes my arms and legs look slightly tanned and yes I am stressed now.


Don't be anxious. They can solve it pretty easily. I had jaundice in 2012 triggered I think by a stressful event but it was the reason I ended up in hospital and diagnosed with PBC so at least treatment for that could start I consider I was lucky as I had no other symptoms. All my LFTs were high, bilirubin particularly so. They treated me with steroids and the jaundice went within 6 weeks. It took longer for LFTs to improve.


I was back yesterday for 6 week check up and all stable. Next bloods & visit in 6 months.


Sorry to read that you have been or still are jaundiced Dmb1.

I know back in the year I was diagnosed (Dec 2010), earlier that year I started itching and I also did notice that near the inside corner of my eyes it looked a bit yellowy. It wasn't jaundice. Apparently it is due to cholesterol. Since taking urso I notice that early morning and during most of the day my eyes do appear white but come evening they take on that slight yellowy tinge just near the middle. Probably at the end of the day when I've eaten and taken liquids and the digestive system has been at work.

The one thing I do know but not sure if relevant in an adult with PBC is that newborn babies who are born jaundiced tend to have those UV lights to break it up and get their skin back to normal. Now I am convinced that if we had sunshine a lot more than we seem to do in the UK these days we'd probably see a lot less of jaundice in people who could develop it due to liver conditions.

I know for me I feel a lot lot better during the summer months than I do during the long miserable winter months where we seem to have very little sunshine and every day seems so dark and grey.

Please re-post an update on how you get on next week, I for one would be interested in finding out.


Thanks everyone my friends all say it suits me cos I look like I've been on hols, apart from my eyes that is lol. Just worried I'm gona end up on steroids or something :(


The idea of steroids is daunting and they get a bad press but hey they work!


Hi everyone seen my consultant today x he thinks the jaundice is due to me taking refampicin for the itch. Was warned beforehand that it can damage ur liver further. Waiting for an appointment for a fibroscan x he done more blood tests today incase its something else. Within a month all my test results had shot away up, the worst one being the bilirubin where it has been 8,10,12 it had shot up to 89!


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