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Why do I have white hard substance coming out of random places of my skin?

Very hard to explain properly, but I have a very strange substance coming out of the top layer of my skin... It comes out white and soft like puss, then hardens very quickly turning into a salty grain. Sometimes when I scratch my skin I can feel it move. Crazy, yes I know. But I don't know what is going on.

I'm very freaked out anyone else know what I'm talking about?

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I was reading something like this on the Raynauds page and its connected with that. Calcium deposits I think. You may have raynauds as I do along with pbc and sjogrens. Worth a look anyway.


I think roseter is right. I have c.r.e s.t. ( systemic sclerosis) and raynauds as one symptom of this syndrome. I have calcium deposits on the tips of my fingers. But these can occur anywhere on the body it seems. They are painful to knock or press on. Since being prescribed. Adalat retard which is used to lower blood pressure but is pretty standard medication for raynauds , it is also a calcium channel blocker and has helped keep these deposits at bay. You do not say where on the body you have this going on. But yes, when they break through the skin the description you give fits perfectly.

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OMG!! Finally !! This exact thing is happening to me!! It is so painful. Please tell me if you found out what it is!! Please cause I’m losing it here. There is no relief for it. I relly really need to know cause these drs doesn’t seem to want to find out. Plz any information would help me. This is eating me alive My fingers on both hands. My left arm. My legs!!! Feet. Ears. It’s attacking e everywhere. I have SLE. Raynauds RA. Sjorgrens too among other issues. HELP


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