why does it take so long to get my money re-instated?

I had letter last week saying I no longer need to go for medical assessment as the extra info provided by my doctor was enough evidence. however, it is not in writing that I have been placed in a support group, that was only confirmed in a phone call. they stopped my money last month and I was told it could take up to 8 weeks for my money to be re-instated. do I have to sit tight, or do I keep ringing them. thank you

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  • In my own experience with these people they make the rules up as they go along! Every person I spoke to gave me a different story of what will happen. I would speak to there advice line instead as they know more in my opinion.

  • SUPERGIRL303. thank you for your reply. Some of these people may be in our position one day, they will then know how frustrating it gets sometimes.

  • Its the same with most doctors too.......I recently saw a doctor who had a mother with PBC and wowsers what a relief to have someone care and really understand how this illness can behave. Hope you get sorted soon SKYEBO.

  • SUPERGIRL303. thanks for that, me too

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