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A doctor writing about chronic illness


I thought this was very interesting. It's a blog post by a doctor in the form of a letter to patients with a chronic illness. It's not specifically aimed at people with PBC.

It was interesting for me because I've had a rocky time with the consultant that I see. My GP and the practice nurse are amazing. They are kind, honest and have been remarkably patient. They are honest when they don't know the answer or if they are at loss about what to do.

The consultant has been less amazing and, to be honest, I have been more than a little scathing about him.

I suppose that in spite of my cynicism about medical science, I do have the notion - right at the back of my head - that they always should know what to do. It's maybe a bit too much to expect. I forget sometimes that they are just people and I pin my hopes on them being able to do things that no human can do (yet).

So after reading this, I've decided to be a little more understanding and a little less critical. I have to learn to accept that they just don't know - even if they can't admit it themselves.

I have to learn that the frustration that i feel is partly shared by the man across the desk and that he is not really in a position to express anger and frustration in the same way as I am.

It will take a lot of deep breaths and tongue biting.

ps I still think he could do with revisiting the introductory class on 'appropriate bedside manner' - he hasn't got one. Aside from that I am sorry for all the bad things that I have said and thought about him

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Interesting reading...they are only human after all and deserve respect but so do we. I appreciate that Dr's cannot be expected to know everything about every condition but there is no excuse for a so called Specialist or GP who knows his/her patient has a specific condition not to read up and gain as much information as possible in order to treat their patient.


AMEN to that! mumofthree.....I agree 100%


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