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Hi Everyone,

Visisted the doctor yesterday for second blood test. They are slightly better which is good news. All your help and advice seems to have helped. The doctor is refering me a gastro consultant to confirm diagnosis and decide the treatment plan so I suppose its a case of carrying on following the healthy eating guidlines and waiting for my appointment.

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Aston --- Glad to hear your labs improved. We've got a fabulous group here who can encourage and support you. These wonderful folks have all been so kind and helpful since my recent dx and I am so blessed to have found them!


Hello astonbd9.

Great news. In 2010 prior to diagnose (Dec 2010) I had a 3mths period where altho' it wasn't known what I had, I had started to judge myself more and make a few changes despite thinking I had previously done my utmost best in looking after myself.

There was a slight decrease in the bloods in that time for me so I do think that it can be possible to help ourselves and that I think for me it spelled after I got the results several months later when starting urso for PBC, it does give you more hope.

I check items of food do not have MSG in them altho' I probably didn't eat anything in it much with it in prior to diagnose. I try not to eat too much wheat every day and have to say that having a son who is mildy gluten intolerant to wheat I tend to buy gluten-free pasta, flour, etc and we all consume that without a noticeable difference.

I have never been a fan of fizzy pop (soda) so do not miss it as I believe chemicals in that are not that good for the system. In these times at present of rising food, energy to heat the homes and other bills constantly rising it isn't as easy to grocery shop exactly as I would like but my husband and I try to eat healthily. Must admit I feel pretty good presently, like I am quite back on track pre-PBC.


I went for my bloods ( fasting ) done on thursday and will get the results on Monday. I know my cholestrol has gone through the roof as I now have those yellow things round my eyes, so they tested for that, my lefts and a muscle test?


Sorry to read this Linda.

Do you take Questran at all? I don't but it is used for cholesterol as well as itching and urso also breaks up fats, one being cholesterol.

Prior to diagnose in 2010 I noticed altho' my eyes were not yellow as in jaundice, I did have a slight yellow tinge at the corners, the bit that is adjacent to the top of the nose bridge.

I have noticed since diagnose and taking urso and also reducing even further fat in the diet (even tho' not much previously, a case with PBC it can be a bit more difficult to deal with, hence the urso), my eyes are almost white again. I can see a definite difference there.

Good luck with your results by the way. By any chance have you seen an optiician recently as just a thought, maybe one could pinpoint something that bit quicker.


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