GI Tract Bacteria May Protect Against Autoimmune Disease

Good to know more about probiotics and their many already known but also newly discovered health benefits.

Note - probiotics from supplements, fermented diary products or other sources go best with prebiotics, aka dietary fibers (flax seeds, psyllium, etc). Prebiotics are the 'food' processed by probiotics in our gut.

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  • would that include the probiotics that are supposed to be in natural live yogurts

  • That's precisely what is' about. Probiotics in live yogurts (Never Danone or other too processed brands) are the kind of positive bacteria we have in our guts. Fibers are not digested by our intestinal tract, but are fermented by these bacteria (the soluble ones) or , the insoluble ones, pass through directly to the colon and act like a gentle brush on it. Explanations can be long and there are numerous studies behind these things, but basically that's it :).

    Among many other studies I found one today , from Feb 2013, saying that probiotics (best taken with fibers as said, aka prebiotics) have been shown to have beneficial effects in other autoimmune conditions, like Crohn's and ulcerative colitis (known under the name of IBD).

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