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Hi all, just thought I would let you know that I took the bull by the horns and finally visited my Dr today, as expected she didn't have a clue what PBC was so i spent the whole time explaining everything.

After talking through the PBC itch and the menopause and my very low mood and the bile drainage procedure I am having on Monday she looked at me and said she was totally unsure what to do for me, I told her i had been on Dosulepin before for depression so she plumped for that.

Still feeling totally bewildered by it all but at least I made the effort and hopefully before I see her again she might take the time to learn a bit about the desease, I also told her I had some literature she could have but she told me that they probably already had it.

Brick wall and head banging came to mind.!!!!

I'll check in again after my bile drainage next week and tell you all how I get on (that's if they have a bed for me when I ring up)

Debbie x

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Good luck Debbie. :-)

We learn a lot more from chatting to each other than we seem to do from our GP`s.


Well doen so brave of you, x May be in time with all of us pushing to get understood we may see some light at the ned of our tunnels. I do hope the pills lift the moods, I'm on citilopram and it seems to have kicked in, i feel more level not such huge mood swings and depression xxx Good luck with the drainage.


Hoping all goes well for you, Debbie. Keep your chin up --- we're all right here with you!


I hope the procedure goes well this week, that they find a bed for you, and that the AD kicks in soon. I've reached the conclusion I need AD now too, but not sure what to ask for, or which of the GPs to discuss with. Mine aren't too bad, but they are all so very variable. The prev GP was a case and a half - after my first biopsy when i was dx with PSC (now have PBC/AIH, or so they say ....), GP told me 'I don't know much about this disease - the only patient I ever had was a man and he died'. I was terrified, esp as I was then only 38 ish and ds4 was less than a year old. Ghastly woman. Anyway, i am gabbing. Good luck.


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