active b12 test

at last i have a gp approval for the active b12 test- he said as long as you are paying , i have no objection--- no i dont suppose they do object! glad i have it but so sick of paying out on th enhs. if britains money wasnt wasted on so many things there would be enough money here to cover evrything from benefits to shopping to schools to hosp tests etc etc... wait til i am prime my ferritin is fairly high bu tmy folate is 5.7 the re rang e is 3.2. to 20?

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  • I had this test done at St Thomas's a couple of months ago. Took a ticket, waited my turn, offered my arm - then got told "you're not on the system" !! No one there had even heard of the Active B12 test. I had to wait for someone to come out of a meeting, who then had to go and ask someone else!! Eventually they took my blood and labelled the sample with a yellow sticker. Didn't exactly inspire confidence....

    And as it turned out, I'd wasted my money anyway. My result was very high. I'm wondering if I didn't leave enough time after stopping taking supplements. Or maybe B12 isn't the answer for me.... Just don't know what IS wrong, and GP is worse than useless. Not interested at all, and makes me feel like a complete idiot. So I'm on my own. Thank goodness for you lot on here!!

    Good luck with your test, Pettals - hope you get the answer you need.

  • Same here. Got it done via Viapath (Denise Oblein), and the staff couldn't find me on the system! I have a feeling that they've messed up the test (as the serum needs to be spun within 2-hrs.)

  • oh probably..

  • O HELL THAT IS DISGUSTING there is no communication between anyon ethese days. i know i may waste my money but i am sooooooooooooooo tired i havent supplememted so we will see .

  • Morning Braindead

    I'm really sorry that you have experienced problems with Guy's & St Thomas's hospital, but it sounds as though you may have slipped through the system, probably due to a misunderstanding or a breakdown in communications. All hospitals have to have systems and if the rules are not followed by either side, this often causes a breakdown in communications, for which neither side is really fully responsible. However, for those of us outside of the system, sadly it can cause a great deal of frustration and even a feeling of wasted time. BUT! I can inform both you and everyone else out there, that I have also had the GP problems you have outlined, I too have had to get my GP to refer me to a local consultant, who has been wonderful in the way he has interacted with both myself and Guy's hospital. I had the blood taken at my local GP's surgery, it was sent to my consultants labs, he seperated the serum and froze it, then he posted it off to the hospital with a letter of referral. Guy's and in particular Denise O,Blein, Dr Dominic Harrington and the heads of their research teams, have all worked with me every step of the way, we have communicated, by both phone and E-mail, they have kept me fully informed every step of the way and always acted in a very proper and professional manner. When my HoloTC results were in the grey area (not conclusive) they simply suggested the MMA test, in order that we could be sure. The results were sent out to my consultant, and he in turn sent them out to me, he also then discussed such results with me via E-mails, sent me a hard copy and also sent the aforementioned results to my GP. My results were found to be very encouraging and I have been able to reduce my intake of Cyanocobalamin by 50% during the last few weeks. I now intend to go and discuss the results and my future programme with my GP later this week, but I have also outlined my thoughts to my consultant for his inputs, prior to my GP appointment. So you see there are systems and they do work very well in the best interests of the patients, but sadly to those of us outside the system, such systems and rules are not always understood, easy to follow or comprehensible, but they are very necessary indeed.

    Please don't let any of these things put you off exploring your illness, just remember nothing beats persistence, not even a GP. Communication on all sides is the key to success.

    Good luck and please keep seeking as much advice as you possibly can, but do make sure it's good advice from a knowledgable source.

  • hello

    Sorry I know this is an old thread but just wanted to check what your HoloTC result was if it was in the 'grey area'. Thanks so much

  • hi guys well i had a job to get the gp to sign his bloody life away- however he has signed the the form that the info is on, an di dont care, at least it has gps stamp on it, any way dr dominic and i have emealed and they are very very helpful so i agree with b12 turbo , try again. xx

  • Hi Pettals

    did you get the results of your b12 test?

    I have just had it done and am very confused

    It is 110 ( 25-162)

    My b12 serum test last year was 512 cant remember range but it seems a bit low compared to optimal.

    I have increasing symptoms of b12 deficiency and cannot understand this test result.



  • no i dont understand either- i have big fat dry tongue , dry skin dry eyes,dry everything- nerve trembling, hair loss big time, loads of symptoms and mine cam eback normal it was 80 i think i will get a copy from the docs and get back to you to compare.

  • Where do you get the form that you need GP to sign / stamp? I thought he had to write a letter? Many thanks

  • I Googled active b12 and a page came up with denise phone number and dominic harrington s name i think and st thomas hospital london, it was just a page explaining so i printed it off an d took it to the gp , i put my hands round his throat got him on the ground stamped on his glasses and made him sign the bit of paper he put the surgery stamp on it and signed gp. thats all .. i ran out of the surgery....i dont think a letter is needed as long as its got th eapproval of the gp.

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