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I HAVE MY FOLATE BACK 4-7 ug/l RANGE IS 4-6 -20 ug/l

HELLO PA i hav e just twisted the arm of gp for folate test--who didnt listen to me explainin gthe active b12 test as my b12 reads 672....... she says i have enough- yes welll maybe so but i dont know how much of it is used by my tisues or cells , so i asked for the folate, i have had for months a dry rough fat tongue, dry mouth, dry skin smothered in vaseline, so bloody tired, much hair loss an dtingling everywhere, would not you say that that is iron deficiency? an ddo you think i am normal being jsut scraping in above the bottom of the r ange?

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Hi Pettals,

Your folate levels are on the border line, so you could take some over the counter multy vitamin or just folate tabs, I found folate helped me, but no if you are low in folate you are not specifically iron def, more folate def. Blood production (in bone marrow) needs a good supply of B12, folate, iron and B6. Iron def is usually seen as low ferritine (=iron storage) and low HB, MCV etc..

Your dry skin symptoms sound more like thyroid problems with thinninh hair etc..but other conditions can do that, even other vitamin def..or liver problems..

I'm sorry I can not be more helpful..

Kind regards,



well thanks for replying-- strangley i have low iron on my hosp lists butthe useless endo has never commented - just gnored and altho i have asked what it means and which iron is low is still dont amswer prob dont know!


Marre I know I've asked this question on a different forum post but I am trying to find the route cause of my thinning / hair loss.

In another post you said folic acid was harmful but you do recommend taking a good multivitamin .. may I ask where you stand on folic acid? after you told me it was harmful I checked online and you were right so I got a little scared in continuing to take mine. I am not sure if methylfolate is any safer to take, also very expensive.

How much iron is roughly in a multi vitamin and do you think taking the multi vitamin aided in restoring your hair to health?

I used to take a b-complex and b6 and it causes havoc on my skin but the b6 was 200mg and inside the multi vitamin was 200mg so that was 400mg which is too much.

What brand multi vitamin do you take and how much of it :)?



B6 is like B12 a possible reason for acne eruption, so I'd stay away of high doses B6 (200mg is very high). You should only supplement with iron if you are iron deficient, this would show up in blood tests. Ferritin is iron storage and if low it can help to try to raise that, but only if you are low (under 80) . To much iron (and B5) is just as bad for you as to little!

I take a multi vitamin by viridian, but only one a week at the most.

Currently adding an iron supplement bought over the counter as my ferritin is on the low side (40 ug/L, ref range for normal: 22 - 332), its gone up a bit it was 34.

I take one 5mg folic acid tablet once every two weeks on the day I inject B12, that all seems to keep my serum nicely in the normal range.

I only started folic acid tabs (prescribed) when I became folate def.

We all are different what I need may well not mean that you need the same...have you had thyroid function tested? Thinning hair can be thyroid problem..

Kind regards,



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