does anyonw know of adoc in the south east who will give me b12 shots

i have all symptoms of lack of b12, i think i lack absorbtion probs period, but i hav e enough in my blood stream. doctor hadnt heard of active b12 , i prduced a print out and even then still said i hav e enough in my blood, what part of that didnt she get?--- i was refused the test and the trial shots as i HAVE ENOUGH IN MY BLOOD, SAINTS PRESERVE MY IRRITAION. doe sany one know wher i can get some trial shots b12 in the south east, essx or london i would very very very gratfeful indeed. i i have lost so much hair, very very dry skin i am a a bald prune an dthe prune is tired! and pissed off!

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  • I wonder if you have the same doc as me hmmmmmmm......... What will it take or them to listen :(

    I'm sorry I don't know whether any docs can give shots here but have you tried sublingual b12?

    Good Luck x

  • Have you had your thyroid tested?

  • i hav ehad my thyroid tested for years, i have endocrine condition for years , then i am told i havenet, then a proffessor says i hav elow cortiosl and acth then another says not, i hav ebeen trembling 2 years, hosp in 2007 with a adrenal crisi altho they refused to acknowledge, then again 2 years ago never been so ill in all my life, then i have hashimotos believe me i have done the rounds, over the years had genova thyorid saliva adrenal stest -- all low, all hormones low but hey ho i a m NORMAL. i drag myself around lost all my hair very dry skin, its not bloody rocket scienc eto go by symptoms and since we have th enew active b12 test now there is no excuse but still denied that as i have enough in my blood but do i absorb it? i want a trial of b12 but again 'certainly not! ' hence my simple question above.

  • So sorry to hear how ill you have been and how unheard -have you tried the sublingual B12? -other people say Jarrows is a very good brand....

    Have you talked to Martyn Hooper Chairman of the PA Society? -he is on their helpine. xx

  • thankyou w/lines, i have just bought some spray, but realy think i need amassive injection boost fast, along with all other missing hormones. basically if you dont hav emoney to root out private gps ect you ar ebasicaly left to rot and its ok for th emedicals to kill us but we get trashed for treating ourself or trying to hel p our slef then we are told we hav eto tak e responsility for our own health. damed if you do an ddamned if you dont.

  • no i havent talk to martin how do i contact him how could he help?

  • Go on the Pernicious Anemia Society website -there is a general contact number -he is often at the end of the line but if not leave a message with your number and he will ring you back but during the day only. he is a lovely man and his book if you haven't already got it is worth a read too. xx

    ps -my GP is just checking me out for this condition too as i feel terrible and am presently off work due to the incredible exhaustion -I thought Hypothyroid fatigue was terrible but this fatigue i have now is so awful that it send me scurrying to my bed and sleeping for hours and hours!

    Hope you feel better soon pettals -let me know how you get on. xx

  • Hi Pettals I'm sorry to hear of your G.P problems, but I would respectfully suggest most strongly that you do not get B12 shots, or in future tests you will not know where you are and diagnosis will be set back. Please ask your GP for a referal to Dr Dominic Harrington at Guys St. Thomas's hospital in London or ring them yourself and speak to Denise O'blein she will help you sort your problems, her phone number is 0207 188 7188. Guy's hospital have the latest tests available for recording Active B12 level as well as the expertise to go with them. Good luck B12 Turbo. Oh! don't worry your bloods can be taken at your local G.P. surgery and Guy's will send you a special package to send them to London in, so you will not have to go to London.

  • ye s i did tak ethe printout to the doc and she said no, i wil ask my endo if he will give me the letter. thankyou, th erow is that i have enough b12 692ng/L. I WONT HAV E ANY SHOTS ANYWAY NO ONE WILL GIVE-- sorrry caps on.

  • Pettals... I dont have much knowledge about much but I totally understand what you are going through :(

    I am always back and forwards to the docs trying to get answers.... I can hardly walk but for some reason they think its all in my head, my TSH levels are rising 300% and my b12 levels high but they dont seem to care.... I know if they spent a day in my body they would realise but it seems as soon as I walk in the surgery they already have the answer and send me off again.... When I mention the active b12 business they just say well you have enough in your blood so you must be ok..... Even though high levels of b12 can mean nasty illnesses and they wont even check my liver or other issues.......Then I struggle to get in the taxi home again WTF!!!

    I am going to try and call Denise tomorrow and sort out a test I just hope my doc will listen....

    Were you treated for thyroid? I had an appt with an endo recently but he didnt listen and showed no interest in the fact I can hardly walk ..... I am seeing a neuro next month and am terrified but need answers...

    I thought docs would want to find answers.....

  • cazzy i will pm you ok.

  • Hi Pettals I understand your position, but I also understand that in the near future if not now, you will be able to have tests at Guy's hospital without a referal letter from your GP. i don't know if this is already in place as yet, but Denise O'blein will probably know, give her a ring, she will be only too pleased to help you and the advise you receive will be first class,

    Keep your chin up! B12 Turbo.

  • thanks that would be great woulntd it... and stuff the arrogance of the doctors!

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