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SIBO/bacterial overgrowth

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Anyone else dealing with sibo as the possible reason for low b12. I had a test done and it found high levels of bad bacteria in my digestive system. Not sure it’s sibo but that’s what doc thinks. I’m not real keen on antibiotics because I think they are part of the reason I am in this situation to start with. Anyone have any success with natural remedies? As always, thank you :)

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SIBO can directly cause a B12 deficiency.

SIBO can be caused by the lack of stomach acid that accompanies Pernicious Anaemia.

I think that probiotics are a natural remedy . One I can really recommend is organic sauerkraut , obtainable at health food shops and Amazon . Best eaten raw , or very lightly warmed . One can also make it at home . Also organic kefir , and organic real yoghurt( no sugar or flavourings ) Kimchi is also excellent . ( can all be made at home) Of course these probiotic containing foods are not traditional fare in the U.K. . and very much an acquired taste .

So many people try Symprove a water-based liquid . But expensive ..

So probiotics , plus optimum amounts of b12 injections will get rid of that awful gut problem caused by low/no stomach acid that accompanies Pernicious Anaemia. Since I got rid of that gut problem ( don’t know what to call it , but definite symptoms similar to IBS ,) and I self inject B12 often enough to keep the reversible symptoms at bay , I am no longer troubled by it . ..... Best wishes .

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Probiotics can cause more problems for sibo.. Sibo is "good"bacteria growing the wrong place. Probiotics can make this worse.

Xifaxin is a standard abx used to teat hydrogen dominant sibo.

Hi Sorry to hear you are struggling. I read on gluten gorillas that Allicin (containing garlic which I can’t tolerate) and Zane’s oregano oil soft gel capsules (on Amazon) have been effective for some.

Here’s a link for ideas


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Garlic can make sibo Symptoms worse as it is a high fodmap food.

Hi I’m working with a functional nutritionist. Not SIBO but chronic fatigue and she is treating a candida overgrowth in my gut. Early days but feel in good hands! She treated my friend for SIBO and I think it was with low FODMAP diet and then supplements too.

You can treat it naturally with similar success rate. I’m in the same boat, have figured out myself that I think SIBO is the route of all my medical issues but know I got her from too many antibiotics...

What was the test that you had done?

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You can find out if you really do have SIBO - there is a breath test.You have a series of breath tests over the course of a few hours - I think about every 20 minutes for three or four hours- then results charted and diagnosis made based on this. It also involves fasting beforehand, so quite a long process - and a lot of waiting around.

I had one due to continued raised MMA even after B12 injections started.

Unfortunately, the results were unclear: either SIBO or IBS. Because I'd been sent initially to rule SIBO in/out, GP tried me on antibiotics, to which I had a bad reaction: vertigo, nausea and headache. Nothing else changed. Had previously been sent to a dietitian who put me on a FODMAP diet for 3 months. Also changed nothing.

My MMA eventually dropped to level within normal range - but it took 3 years and a lot of B12 to get there.

Still, it may well be worth you having the SIBO test done if only to get a concrete diagnosis on your record. May prove more conclusive for you.

I later had a different type of antibiotic for a different reason, and had the same poor reaction. Much later on, I have had two courses of antibiotics without any side-effects- either a sign that I'm improving or some antibiotics okay for me. Not sure, as previously a very healthy person. I have heard from my GP that SIBO can be difficult to eradicate with antibiotics - and might need retreating with different antibiotics later.

All of the tests and consultant appointments I had were on the NHS, the SIBO test via haematology consultant.

I’m finding some relief with berberine, oregano and a non so delightfully tasting black walnut and wormwood tincture.

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Ctadds1 in reply to Narwhal10

Thank you! I too am taking berberine, oregano, and turmeric. Seems to be helping!

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Narwhal10 in reply to Ctadds1

Great, really pleased for you.

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