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Self injecting. No problem


Hi, I was diagnosed with PA in 2000 using the schilling test. For the past year my Dr. Keeps wanting to stop, or reduce the injections. Since the covid 19 they have stopped all injections. So I decided to SI. I followed all the advice on this site. Bought 20 B12 ampoules, 100 syringes and 100 x 24g x 1 inch needles, all from Germany for less than £30 including delivery. They all arrived about 4 days later!

After watching videos and following advice from members on this site I started a few weeks ago. Very easy to do. No pain. To think for the last 20 years I have been going to the doctors and getting a very painful injections. If you SI you can control the speed and take it slower with no pain, no booking and no waiting room. Much more convenient.

So for those of you who need a b12 injection, just do it yourself!

Keep safe


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Good for you, and good of you to post it on here. I think it will help others whose injections have been stopped.

Glad to hear of your success . Great that you posted , because , as beginner1 says , it encourages others who need to . It is daunting the first time . I remember feeling sick with fear . But amazing how quickly it becomes routine . A finer needle can be used - 25g x 1 inch , or even finer -27G , but that’s only obtainable in 1 1/2 inch length , so you would only insert it for 1 inch . ( For sensitive folk , a numbing cream is available ( Amazon)

But it’s awful that it has come to this . That the medical profession has , generally speaking , no understanding of P.A. That a diagnosed P.A.patient has their injections stopped is shocking , and the fact that your GP has wanted to stop or reduce your injections is disgraceful .

There are no end of P.A. patients who don’t have access to the internet and PAS , who are suffering , due to ignorance or SOME OTHER REASON . This really disturbs me .

Nackapan in reply to wedgewood

It does me as well. Disturb a good word.

Also having to keep quiet most of the time about it too.

The doctors really do need a wake up call.

An anonymous survey of how often people need to inject perhaps. I'm sure Martin Hooper is working hard still on this.

For our health its wonderful to be able to self inject and buy it to do so.

I still get niggling doubts if I'm doing the right thing. I think it's a matter if being pushed and frightened into a corner. The powers to be can just stop treatment we need.!!!?? I have had it. But boy have had to fight and push and write so much .Also rely on this forum to keep my sanity. I've a strong will but getting me down as no where near functioning yet. Others like you say without the internet lonely and not able to fight . Unbearable to think about.

As we have all said. Should not be like this . Most want proper guidance and it to be on medical notes what is actually needed.

For statistics for future treatment and need of patients.

During this pandemic has raised so many issues but aksi driven so many more to self inject. I think it's another battle on the way to get injections reinstated.

What a stupidc amount of unnecessary work.

I take my hat off to sensible surgeries that have carried on treating and caring in this very difficult climate.

CherylclaireForum Support in reply to Nackapan

Have a look in right hand column ---------->

Under heading "Topics"

Then "All things Pernicious Anaemia Society"

Then "Polls" :

You'll find that there is a poll about how often people thought they needed injections.

Although taken a while ago, I think it involved about 700 people.

Quite sure the results won't surprise you, Nackapan !

Oh yes I took part in that.

I was just thinking of whether that was passed on to Gps?

No surprises there like you say


I think it's the small screen I have to use as there is no right hand colum lol

I did take part in a survey if how often having injections at the time . I think must be sane thing.

Annoying g I csnt see results

Nackapan in reply to Nackapan

Just guessing no surprises there

CherylclaireForum Support in reply to Nackapan

Really ?

No "Related Posts", "Supporting the Community", "Pinned Posts" then "Topics" ?

Sorry - didn't know that !

I thought it was me.

But you need a larger screen . Nothing on the right of mine. Box for text fills it.

I will scroll down and look there.

Found it ! I always wondered what was on the right!

If you scroll down on small screens it is at the bottom .

One a month the highest score .

Just takes longer on this.

I dont do that very often as sets my head off ....too quick a movement it rolling up.

At least I know now and for others too

JanD236 in reply to Cherylclaire

I’d like to see that but when I view the PAS website on my phone I can’t find ‘topics’ or ‘polls’. Unfortunately a search for ‘polls’ reveals no results!

CherylclaireForum Support in reply to JanD236

Not sure how to transfer it over to a link.

Did not realise that if using your phone, you don't have a right-hand column here.

Anyone able to help out. please feel free !

Nackapan in reply to JanD236

All things pernicious anaemia

Is where I found it.

Scroll up until you can go no further at the bottom

(If the same as my phone?

natterjack1 in reply to Nackapan

I received PAS news letter yesterday. It had write up as to how Covid era has adversely affected treatment.

It also had a survey about this so hopefully some useful data to argue our point with the medical profession.

Everyone needs to do the survey.

Good news is that I have taken up self injecting and it's liberating!

Nackapan in reply to natterjack1

Yes it is.

Hope you find better results now in your control.

How did you get a Schilling test? I understood that the radioactive cobalt hasn't been available for a long while.

Tonyworks in reply to fbirder

It was on the NHS at Addenbrooke's Hospital in 2000. It was still being done at that time. It stopped around 2003

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