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Thank you for your interest and help. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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May 31st Sunday. These are twelve of the eighteen clematis I am using to hide the fences around the garden. Fences need to be that weathered, silver grey or invisible. The bright yellow Tanguita, like little lights, grows up two dark leafed trees. It also has lovely fluffy seed heads. This is No. 61 the last of my daily flower posts. I have run out of flowers and steam. I have learned a lot from people on here. I would like to post the odd photo updating the garden’s progress through the summer. Thank you again.

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Beware beginner1 your boundaries may take a fence :)

Well done for what you have done.

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beginner1 in reply to clivealive

clivealive Ouch!

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No - thank you, beginner1 for your personal stories, the pictures and all the useful information about plants.

Hoping you do continue, whenever the mood grabs you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this generous glimpse into your life !

A much-needed distraction and a daily perk.


Thsnk you. I've enjoyed the photos and stories

Wow! - What a lovely selection ! It’s all been blooming entertaining β€” thank you ! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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beginner1 in reply to wedgewood

You are as bad as clivealive !

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wedgewood in reply to beginner1

I take that as a compliment !

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beginner1 in reply to wedgewood

Yes a sort of 'Ouchy' compliment as I giggle.

Although I only found your posts recently, I have really enjoyed them and am going back looking at the old ones, so thank you! Many beautiful plants, lots of reminders, and some to spur me on to grow (again) myself (like Jackmanii above). Enjoy your garden and I look forward to seeing the odd photo when the mood and steam permit. Best wishes

I have also really enjoyed your Displays I’ve no garden and I used to always love buying my flowers for the flat but after a lot of hefty vets bills with these cats chomping on my favourites I’ve given up,I know I can buy pet friendly ones but there’s no point because they destroy them,I’ve had to tell the kids not to bother with flower gifts now which is sad isn’t it,very tempted to buy some cacti πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thank you for that very welcome distraction xx

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Yes cacti sounds the answer. Unless you have a high shelf and then the cats would probably climb the equivalent of Mt. Everest to get to them.

I don't have flowers indoors either. I don't have a cat but the minute a plant enters the house it says "Don't like it here" and dies. Some braver ones, plants they advertise as 'tough' last a few days longer. It is very odd because outside I can stick a piece of dead stalk in the ground, turn round twice and it is ten feet tall.

I have found myself looking out for your garden posts as I browse the recent correspondences I have enjoyed them.

Wishing you (b12) very well.

I have just bought a new clematis too, love them. I believe fences need to weather too and become silver grey, never painted...ever! . My husband is an excellent Gardner, my main summer flower in the beds this year are non stop begonias. Will look forward to seeing how your garden is progressing....a little brightness to our PA struggles, thank younxx

I have a clematis growing up a garage wall it has pale lavender flowers on it but hardly any leaves, I don"t know what sort it is as it just appeared in a pot (as a gift from a friend) with another one that has maroon colored leaves and creamy/pinky flowers (that one seems to be doing okay) any tips to help the growth of leaves on the first would be much appreciated beginner1.

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I bought my last two from a clematis specialist nursery. They had instructions for feeding etc. so I fed mine the other day. They are also good about answering questions, I will message their name to you. Although in these C19 times it may take a bit of time. One bit of advice my nursery garden was not to prune them their first year.

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Many thanks for the information beginner1 I will give it a feed this evening and see if things improve , thank you for your help

Thank you so much for brightening our days during these strange times !πŸ‘ Take a breather and enjoy the summer, but if you have time later on, of course we will enjoy an update 😊 Best wishes x

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