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Vision technology update


Well I've got my new tinted glasses. No eureka moment unfortunately. However when I put them on my head was so much quieter. Amazing how you get to tolerate all the sizzling and popping. Tried the TV! By the time I'd worked out hoe to use it again. (Last tried in February) I had to turn it off again lol As head telling me as sizzling a bit. So will try 5 mins each time I think.

The lenses prescribed for me are grey/green and put onto varifocall prescription. I think I'm adjusting also to different chemical makeup of lenses. I was sensitive to change before b12 defiency. They are for indoors and if they help you can get wrap around ones for outside but darker sunglasses.

All very expensive. However if work will be worth every penny. Will see. On an earlier post put website with all approved practitioners. I was put onto this by 2 people on The Headway forum who found thrm helpful for migrains and photosensitivity. Such a shame not on the NHS anymore. I think something similar is if you have an actual eye disease problems. My eyes are healthy so a neurological problems. That doesn't fit criteria.

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I'm glad it's proved a bit positive for you and hope that maybe with time you will see more benefits - it may allow the nerves to gradually quieten down.

Fingers crossed for you.

It's funny how posts on here make me understand more of myself and what could well be due to years of B12d - as I have always spent most of my time outside everyone has always said that I should wear dark glasses to protect my eyes and, knowing this to be true, I have often tried them but have found anything other than plain grey ones soon make me feel horrendously sick and off balance and, as you say, make my head "sizzle". I had a grey pair of prescription ones for a while and then a set of clip-ons which were OK but replacing them was costly and hassle so I haven't got round to it since.

There's obviously a lot more to tinted lenses than meets the eye (!!! - sorry, the expression is one I often use!).

Thank you for your report and wish you well with them.

Thankyou. I spent most of my time outside growing up. I now remember being asked to wear theses dark gkasses while stacking straw onto a tractor. I lost coordination with them on. Thought nothing of it just took them off. I've always chosen a grey tone for sunglasses. Again rarely worn but comfortable for driving in the summer . Yes I relieved same prescription as my economy ones so one more pair needed I usually know like you directly I put them on if they are right or not. I think it's the different chemical make up I've got to get used to before any benefit from the tint for inside light. The make of lenses is Cerium. Unless I got the wrong color clip ons theses are better as for me neediest g prescription glasses less layers ti look through!

Up lighter shades are helpful. Awaiting low wattage red hallogen bulbs.

Thank you for your good wishes . Hope your day good.

Hope you start to see much improvement Nackapan as your eyes start to adjust.

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I'm taking it slowly with them . Light introduction will be slow as fearful of headaches. They are for indoors only. Hope your regime still giving results for you.

Ritchie1268 in reply to Nackapan

I guess it may take a while for your eyes to adjust?

I'm doing good thank you. Still SI every other day & seeing some improvement in my painful feet.

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