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B12 deficiency related to migraines?


I had terrible nerve damage 15months back because of PA.. after 15months I’m doing much better but I have constant migraines can anyone tell are these migraines because of b12 deficiency created havoc in my nervous system...migraines r consistent and I’m sick of them unable to do anything

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I have suffered from terrible migraines for a couple of years. Since being diagnosed with PA and getting no help from my GP, I started self injecting every other day and they have basically stopped. So yes I would definitely say they are related.

Ur migraines are sorted with b12 shots in how much time?? My consistent headaches r still there despite having frequent jabs... can u suggest me anything?? TIA

I've been injecting for 5 months now. Still have a lot of other symptoms...especially awful fatigue and terrible pain in my legs at night but migraines ( which were so bad they wanted to hospitalise me at one point) have definitely eased. I'm sorry I wish I could suggest something to help but I'm relatively new to all this but I'm sure someone on here will know something. This forum has been a life saver for me. I would still have been having injections once every 3 months and getting nowhere if not for the people on here. I hope you get ease soon.

Do you still take jabs every other day? Isn’t ur b12 level increased?? Because high b12 levels can b problematic in pregnancy

Yes I still inject every other day. I have a long way to go.

They are definitely related. I'd never had them before. My head is never pain free completely .Nerves damaged have caused different pains all over my head. The headaches change . Presently ongoing tension ones so skull so tight and glasses always feel like lead. Fatigue is bad too .

The drugs I've been prescribed have been many . The last one propranolol from neurologist. First one was Amitriptyline. Sertraline and clonidine.and sumatripan. and And hrt. All of which to help and prevent headaches. I've tried amitriptyline that gave great relief for a while then felt too drugged and headaches returned. I personally had trouble getting off a low dose of 10mg. Hrt gave me more headaches. I've not taken the others.I used codeine once . I was worried about rebound headaches from nurofen and paracetamol. So have had a 28 days off paracetamol and used iborufren if needed. I will then swap. Ni idra if that is correct. So bear rebound headaches in mind. Especially if you use codeine or something mix.

Getting my vitamin D levels up has helped. Check your magnesium levels are okay too. Also other bloods . I agree so dibilitating . Mine are definitely related if I try and go out or walk an inch too far. Artificial light is a problem too.

Gunj_redjem in reply to Nackapan

How r ur headaches resolved? Let I walk faster and climb stairs I tend to have bad headaches my whole head spins I can’t concentrate on anything... not getting the reason for this could it b b12?

I used to get both the shimmering silent migraines & the horrible ones that made me physically sick.

Both started a few years ago that was put down to stress. Since being diagnosed with PA last year & SI every other day since Xmas, I can honestly say I haven't had either.

Hope yours go away soon.

Which form do u use for SI? And how much mcg? How long have u been planning more to inject every other day?

Hydroxocobalamin 1mg ampoule. I kept a diary when 6 loading injections started & for first couple of 3 monthly Injections. I only improved 2 days after & only for 2 days, then went down hill again. So decided to do it myself since Xmas every other day & feel loads better.

Ok do u hav any idea that high b12 levels in pregnancy can have an autistic child...I’m really worried being a woman I wud need to carry a child

I am not medically trained at all, but I have read the opposite.

Watch this video on YouTube:


As Ritchie1268 says, much more likely the other way around. B12 DEFICIENCY can stop you getting pregnant and can cause defects in the child.

Despite asking and researching, I have not seen any qualified information saying that you can have too much B12.

Actually I read it on google that high levels of b12 in mother can have an autistic child so I’m really worried 😟

Please make sure that the information you have read is based on thorough scientific studies as not everything on the Internet is factual.

It would be interesting to see a link to the article if possible as we should be better informed if that is the case.

It showed that some scientific research says so that higher b12 levels in a mother are thrice likely to give birth to an autistic child

Thank you for that. I expect it is best to err on the side of caution and you are advised to not do anything that you are not happy with.

You are in a difficult position and I am sorry for you.

Hi, I have had a permanent headache for 13 months and have seen a neurologist several times. I have had a ct scan, mri and numerous blood tests all to no avail. I tried several medications from the neurologist and whilst some helped a little, their side effects for example increased heart palpitations & eye disturbances meant I took myself off them. I tried physio, acupuncture, Pilates etc again with little improvement. Finally I reduced my refined sugar intake and saw a big improvement! I still have a constant headache but I have definitely seen a significant overall improvement. My physio has had a headache for over a year previously and it was her who recommended the dietary change 👍

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