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Doxycycline bad reaction


Yesterday I had a bad reaction to Doxycycline. I had taken the 8th tablet, it was not an allergic one with itching and hives, but most of the other side effects they mention. They said that reactions could happen several weeks after starting them.

My tablets were changed but I still don't feel good.

I have read some posts, on here, about similar reactions to it and wondered how long it took to get over them.

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Hi Beginner1. Sorry, can't answer your question from personal experience but from what I read, it states that side effects can last for a few days...up to two weeks.

It further states that if side effects are severe or do not resolve, then medical advice should be sought. So hmmm...bit of a how long's a piece of string...

Here's a link to advice about doxycycline:

Some side effects are listed as common and some are listed as severe. If you have side effects that are listed as severe, it would be best to seek medical advice, especially if your symptoms get worse or don't resolve.

If you are concerned but unable to see your GP (Sunday tomorrow), speak to a pharmacist. They will be able to offer advice about symptom management and also assess whether you need to seek urgent medical advice.

Hope things resolve quickly.


beginner1 in reply to Foggyme

Thanks as always for your help Foggyme

I did go to the surgery yesterday - the reaction was bad, I shouted at two badly behaved kids who kept banging my chairback as they ran past in the waiting room, (that's not me) staggered in on legs that I couldn't feel from the knee down - breathing problems, incoherent, couldn't remember what or when happened, double vision so bad I had trouble reading etc.

Anyway I was tested and checked over carefully and antibiotic changed, but he didn't think it was a reaction. (Swimming, yellow, fluffy things are never ducks! syndrome.)

I have felt a bit better as today has gone on, at least I can think reasonably well now.

wedgewood in reply to beginner1

That’s been horrible for you beginner1 . Hope that you get over it as soon as possible . Good old Foggyme is such a brick . Full of words of wisdom . 3 cheers for her / him . Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery .

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to wedgewood

Hi wedgewood. This brick is a lady 😉...and feeling particularly 'brick-like' following recent 'flu jab 🤬. So 'cheers' are tremendous cheering. Thank you ☺️

wedgewood in reply to Foggyme

It’s a pleasure , Foggyme 👍. I suspected that you were a lady , but felt I must be P.C. .

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to beginner1

Hi beginner1. Pleased you're beginning to feel better. Hope that's continued 😉.

Hi beginner1

How are you feeling now? Thinking (worrying!) about you and hoping you're OK.

Sending you sympathy and very best wishes, Denise x

Hi deniseinmilden thanks for the sympathy.

I am feeling better, can think again and the bad temper has gone. The GP asked if I had followed a newish GP to this surgery - I said "I've been with your ruddy surgery for 45 years."

I have 8 days to get better then I 'm going to London, to meet some friends, even if I have to crawl!

Soooo good to hear - you're brilliant.

Keep mending!

CherylclaireForum Support

I also had bad reaction to Doxycycline. Had headache, sinus pain (face-ache), tinnitus and the worst was vertigo every time I lay down, got up or turned my head. Finished the course anyway, in time for 60th birthday- but like you it took a while for everything to go back to what passes for "normal" these days. Didn't get off the sofa on my birthday, as room was spinning for all the wrong reasons (!) Vertigo took a very long time to go completely.

Have a really good time with your friends. Wish I could join you !

Yes it is a horrible feeling, vertigo sounds dreadful, but I'm feeling better again today. (I have never shouted at other people's kids in my life - still the brats deserved it and their mother even more for allowing such bad behaviour. (We have an American spellcheck on here - it keeps telling me I have spelt behaviour wrong. gggrrhh - I guess I'm still a bit crabby)

Feeling much better today, although legs not quite right yet. Odd how I started getting better when I stopped the tablets but told - "I don't think it is a reaction" Why do they need to complicate things.

Hope you are feeling better. I had a bad reaction to Doxycycline. Not nice. I have profuse Diarrhea and vomiting. Could keeping anything down or in and felt bad for several days.

I couldn't get to a doctor as it was the weekend and when I phoned the NHS number I was advised to carry on taking it despite my reaction so by the time I contacted my GP on the Monday I was in a bad way. I think it too me over a week to 10 days to get over it and I still had to have another antibiotic to solve the original problem.

CherylclaireForum Support

I just had another thought- regarding the irritability and grumpiness. I recognise this as one of the things that happens when I am deficient (personality changes, mood-swings etc), so is it possible that the Doxycycline was/is affecting your B12 absorption ?

Could be - si every day so should soon make it up.

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