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A new 'dumb things I have done'


I'm starting another post about daft things B12 deficiency makes us do. Think we need a laugh.

We had one that I contributed to 3 years ago (so the computer said) (do computers suffer B12D - I only joined 2.5 years ago)

"Swearing blue murder, when the stupid what-do-you-call-it that works the TV wouldn't put my phone call through, although I had put the correct number in."

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Frantically searching my pockets for the car keys...whilst driving the car! Also, talking to my husband on my mobile phone and suddenly blurting out that I can't find my phone in my bag!

Driven off without paying for petrol! Really not with it that day. Only found out when the police called my partner whose car I had been driving. 🤪

Padders12 in reply to Padders12

Oh and booked my parents a show in London, right day, month too early. Got an email asking if i enjoyed the show! That was an expensive mistake as had to book it again for the right date!

beginner1 in reply to Padders12

Padders12 Hi - That must have been very embarrassing.

Hope you let your partner take the blame. (Just joking)

I regularly panic about losing my phone ... whilst I'm using it!

Yesterday I sent my partner an urgent message about a major road closure for our airport trip next week. We're not flying from that airport!

cannot find my mobile phone.....oh yes it is in the fridge!!

What is the attraction of the fridge? I haven't tried that yet.

Phoning my husband 4 times within an hour because each time he answered I forgot what I was ringing for!

CherylclaireForum Support

Aside from dumb things we do (and keep doing), anyone else have senses that play tricks on them?

I remember going into a local supermarket, and leaving in a hurry because it smelt like sewage.... when my partner pointed out that no-one else seemed to be at all troubled, I nodded triumphantly towards a Chinese woman exiting the store with a face-mask on !

I went snorkelling on holiday recently.... to find the rocks moving back and forth in the swell- and the fields of seagrass between them completely still ! Needless to say, I decided not to mention this phenomenon.

Oh I love this thread! A couple of things I do quite often when I’m very very tired...

1. I wonder where my phone is whilst using it for a phone call.

2. Going to use my keys to open the lift at work when you just have to press a button (no keys are needed at all)

3. When in the supermarket my brain will tell me that I need to go down a certain aisle but I never know what for and then I get home and realise I forgot the certain item down that aisle my brain was trying to tell me to go down! (If that makes sense)

From now on I shall be blaming it all on the B12 haha! 😂

I made my partner a cup of black coffee. I’ve been with him for years and he’s never drunk black coffee in his life!! (Thyroid brain rather than b12 though I think)

I also opened the fridge and found my nail varnishes in there quietly minding their own business sitting on the shelf getting cold ha ha........

Trying to open my front door using my car key buttons and wondering why it wasn't working until I registered the car making noises behind me.

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