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Places you order your vitamin B12 injections


Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone had used vitaminb12online to get their vitamin B12 injections? I’ve just received mine and now have cold feet injecting myself with something I’ve bought online 😄

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I haven’t actually used this Australian company myself , but I made a note of it when a member mentioned that they had used the ampoules from them and found them satisfactory . I haven’t used them because they are quite a bit more expensive than German pharmacies . I note that B12 use b12 ampoules that are made in Italy . I really think that you have no cause to worry about them at all. Go ahead inject .make sure that your needle has a high gauge number at least 25 ! 💉💉💉(You are bound to be nervous if you are injecting for the first time .) Very best wishes !

Sh5ll5y in reply to wedgewood

Thank you for the advice! I’ll look out for somewhere cheaper too if you think this is expensive- thanks :-)

wedgewood in reply to Sh5ll5y

You could buy 10 ampoules for the same price from ( you will need a translation app if you don’t understand German)

Buying 100 ampoules at a time is very much cheaper . They have a use -by date of more than 2 years hence .Since I inject weekly , it is very economical ! You can also purchase from in English.

I use Rotexmedica brand (1mg x 1ml )

Sh5ll5y in reply to wedgewood

Brilliant- thank you!

cdragin in reply to wedgewood

I get mine from there since Germany will not deliver to the U.S. The actual ampoules are sent from Vietnam. I have never had a problem with them other than that it takes about a month for them to arrive. I don't find them expensive, but my alternative is Canada, which is much more expensive...although I would consider a Canadian pharmacy if I needed something sooner, since some of them have express delivery to the U.S.

wedgewood in reply to cdragin is in Florida . Have you ever looked at their site? They sell all kinds of B12 - Cynocobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin and Methylcobalamin.,

Some German online pharmacies do ship to USA . I haven’t got the time at the moment to find out though .

kngswim in reply to wedgewood ships to the US, but the first time you have to pay with a wire transfer. you can put it in your cart, but they won't ship to the US.

Becca1659 in reply to wedgewood

Do you use them for your B12?

wedgewood in reply to cdragin will deliver to USA .

Thanks for all your comments. So my brother who is an emt did my first two injections and they were fine (really did sting a bit! ) but tonight I’ve done my own. In my thigh, couldn’t tell if there was any blood when I aspirated cos of the colour of the b12, so I carried on regardless. Now it’s a bit sore (like a bruise) and has a bit of a lump! Have I damaged myself?! 😳

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