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Times 2 article today


There is an article about breast cancer in the Times 2 today. A Hollywood surgeon writing that women should cut out meat and dairy completely to avoid breast cancer. Fish is not mentioned but she is pushing a vegan diet, so that is out.

There was no mention of this leaving a vitamin B12 deficiency in the diet. I wonder how many women will jump on her bandwagon without knowing about possible consequences.

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That this doctor recommends a vegan diet without pointing out the dangers of becoming Vitamin B12 deficient if it is not supplemented , is yet another example of the ignorance of doctors regarding this very important vitamin .

Good that you brought it up ,beginner 1. Who will write a letter to the Times?

No meat or dairy??? Sounds like the brink of disaster ... :(


Just had a look at the article on line as I'm a subscriber - there are some quite vitriolic comments in reply to the article - which actually reads like a load of twaddle and that is what most of the commentators are saying.

Sort of confirms why I don't spend much time looking at the Times 2 section

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