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A post for the ladies!


This might be a little too much information for some people but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a huge difference in their periods since starting treatment for B12.

Before I knew I had B12 deficiency I had the absolute worst periods to the point where I was scared to leave the house. The cramps would cripple me to the floor and I’d struggle to stand/walk sometimes. They used to be incredibly incredibly heavy and I’d feel very light headed and faint because of it.

Since starting my B12 injections I have noticed a huge huge difference in my periods. I still get cramps but I can cope easily with them and the bleeding is so so so much lighter I can almost forget that I’m on my period.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience because it’s really shocked me (in a good way!) I’m still learning quite a lot about the defiency itself as I’ve only recently been diagnosed. I can’t believe some of the factors/symptoms involved with it!

Thanks for your time!

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my periods had got quite heavy and were getting a bit irregular. B12 certainly improved both but I'm now post menopausal so not a factor.

B12 deficiency can cause a false menopause so probably not just a co-incidence.

I had a history of severe cramping and pain but sadly I didn't know about B12 deficiency/PA and it wasn't something doctors were interested in treating.

This caught my eye and is so fascinating I felt I had to reply straight away! This is so true for me, although I didn't actually realise the connection until I read your post. As a teenager my periods were so bad I would vomit and even fainted a few times from the pain and nausea. Going on the pill helped a lot but they were still uncomfortable. Now 29 years old, I've barely noticed them this last year or so... which I thought was just blind luck! I now realise this reduction in period flow/pain coincides very neatly with my diagnosis of PA and subsequent starting of injections last march... so I think you are right about this :) Great to have an answer but doesn't it just make you wish you had known about B12/PA a lot earlier?!

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