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Brain on Fire - a movie about NOT GIVING UP or IN TO GPs - not B12 - not PA - but a rare autoimmune disease.

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I deliberated about whether to post this here, as it's not B12 deficiency or PA related, but this support group has helped me so much over the last couple of months, I thought it might be of interest to some.

I watched this movie today - Brain on Fire - about a young woman who suddenly develops a range of unrelated symptoms (similar to those of us with B12 deficiency, actually) and her family's struggle to find a doctor who doesn't give in, but will continue to investigate until an answer is found.

PS If you want to watch it in full screen version, just search Brain on Fire movie on YouTube (it only appears half size on this page).

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Thanks for that - it’s really a reminder of how a wrong diagnosis can be given . P.A. patients have had that so often .

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I forgot to mention - it’s based on a true story too.

It’s also on Netflix

What an amazing story - thank you for posting it.

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