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Advice please


Morning all - could you please point me to the official advice from Nice or PA society on other tests I add should have had (I'm officially diagnosed with PA but my doc has never mentioned other tests or results eg folate etc. Also official advice on what else I need to take. I've read Vit b complex in posts etc but can't see an official list for example. Id like 'official list/advice' please so I can take to my doctors. Many thanks in advance.

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PA prevents you absorbing B12 from your food. Because it tends to go hand in hand with damage to the ileum (where most folate is absorbed) and reduced acidity it can also affect the absorption of other minerals and vitamins.

The best sources of minerals and vitamins are food and if you don't have a deficiency then there shouldn't be any need to supplement, and for many too much brings complications.

It would be good if your GP recognised that PA is a) an absorption problem in the gut so can affect other vitamins and minerals and b) it is an auto-immune disorder which increases the incidence of other auto-immune disorders - particularly hashimoto's thyroidosis - 40% of people with PA go on to develop hashimotos and there is a similar cross over from hashi's to PA. If they do then logic would suggest a) monitoring for other deficiencies - particularly folate and iron* and b) monitor for thyroid problems.

*vitamin D deficiency is also common but I'm not sure if that is specifically related to PA or just that it is more prevalent in northern populations and has been generally under-reported in the past ....

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