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Borderline vitamin b12

Hi, first time post here :)

I have been feeling exhausted for a few monhs now, to the point where i cannot function unless i have a nap but still feel just as tired. Recently had blood tests which have come back as:

Vit b12: 226 (range 220-700)

Folate: 3.1 (range 2.6 - 17.3)

TSH: 1.2 (range 0.3-5)

Ferritin:59 (range 10-420)

All these results are literally borderline of being low but of course doctor marked them as ‘normal-no further action’

I am going back to see the doctor as consoderig they are so borderline...surely this is explaining why i am so exhausted? Just after some advice to help with my argument to the doctor

Thank you

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Hi Sarah,

Your B12 is low, as is your folate. Most lab reports for B12 have a blurb under the range that states if you are symptomatic at any level, consider treatment. My guess is that you would benefit from a loading dose of B12 and folate supplementation. Be strong and go in with the guidelines. Time is of the essence as the longer you wait, the more of a chance of permanent damage.

Good luck and welcome,


Boston, MA


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Send a letter to your doc, with a copy of the enclosed NHS document. Ask to be treated as someone with symptoms of a deficiency and borderline blood levels. That means a trial of B12 jabs. If you respond positively then you have injections for life.



I notice you have a TSH result amongst your tests, do you have a thyroid problem too? If so you need your B12 to be in the higher part of it’s range. Your folate and ferritin are also on the low side. Folate is very important in allowing you to use the B12 that is in your blood.


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