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How often do I inject?


Did 10 ml yesterday, symptoms flaring up again. 1 ml every other day, until they're under control?

* Now know 1 ml is standard

Thank you.

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Are you using Cynocobalamin B12 ? Here in the U.K. we mostly use Hydroxocobalamin B12 , which has replaced Cynocobalamin because it is said to stay in ones system longer than Cynocobalamin . So one can inject less frequently .Some people use Methylcobalamin, which is a step nearer to being absorbed .

Fl17 in reply to wedgewood

Cyno, thank you so much! ox ..

Can I do every day? If needed. Ty. ox ..

wedgewood in reply to Fl17

Yes , you can . There is absolutely no danger of overdosing .

Fl17 in reply to wedgewood

Thank you. But can it absorb every day?

wedgewood in reply to Fl17

Yes , it can . But we all absorb different amounts, at different rates . It’s very individual . There are no hard and fast figures . A lot depends on how long you have been deficient .What we don’t absorb is excreted . You will come to a point where you will have recovered from the deficiency as much as is possible . You can then start to inject less . You have to find this out by trial and error . Sorry to sound so vague . That’s why it’s so awful when doctors will only give 5or 6 loading doses , and then one every 3 months and will not budge ( happened to me ) This can be right for some , but not all . Best of luck 🍀!

Fl17 in reply to wedgewood

Cant thank you enough. Ox ..

Same to you ..

Seems like its hitting me right away.

Been taking sublinguals for 7 months and this is giving me results right away.

Feels like i dont have to take as much other stuff.

A little scared. Afraid it might wear off, but also know ive come this far.

Happy and excited, but also a little scared.

Guess i choose my reality.

Brain impairment, is being improved

Think Im gonna do 1.5 every day. Think this is safe.

So far so good. Get a little sleepy, but not too bad.

Also, just took some turmeric, and other things which seem to be helping.

Hope this continues.

Will have probably absorbed way more than pills, personally speaking.

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