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How do I Self Inject B12


HI All

i've given up with GP and would like to self inject - terrified but can't continue the way I am going. Can you advise where the best place to buy the B12, needles and how you self inject. Any help would be appreciated as I am pretty desperate.

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It's really not anywhere near as terrifying as most of us thought it would be, honestly! First of all, find some Youtube videos on IM injections. Watch several! Really, there's not much to go wrong, so long as you keep everything clean and take your time.

A lot of people get their ampoules from " in English" (yes, type the lot into google and the English version of the German pharmacy site comes up). I buy mine from, which is, unsurprisingly, the German version of Amazon UK. You can use your English log in details, although Prime doesn't count! Most places selling B12 ampoules charge quite a high flat rate for postage, so it's expensive if you only buy a few, but very reasonable if you buy in bulk. They take a couple of days or so to arrive.

You have to choose which ampoules to buy too - do you want hydroxocobalamin (which is the one used by GPs here in the UK)? Cyanocobalamin is also available (and cheaper, although some people think it doesn't stay in the system as long). You should aim for 1000 units in 1mg of solution.

Syringes and needles are easily bought in the UK, and again, cheaper in bulk. I got mine from Amazon, but others use (I think!) medisave? 2ml syringes gives you a little 'room for manoeuvre' when drawing up the liquid. You can use green needles to draw up, in case you blunt the needle inside the ampoule, and change to a blue one to inject. I just use the blue for both, which is what they do at my surgery anyway.

Last thing you'll need is a sharps bin to dispose of the needles safely. Your local council's website should have info on how to dispose of the bin in your area.

When it comes to inject, sit down quietly, take a few slow breaths, and put the needle in to the 'upper / outer' quadrant on your thigh. Take your time, there's not a rush. I find it 'ouches' just a little as the needle goes through the outer layer of skin, but after that, I can't feel it, which always strikes me as really bizarre. When it's in, push the plunger as slowly as you like. Voila, you're done!

If you get a spot of blood or of B12, don't worry, that sometimes happens and is fine.

Lots of luck! You'll be fine once you've done one. let us know how you get on!

Many thanks...will have a look.. hope you don't mind if I can back with more questions or advice.

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Hi spacey1 I think there is an 'a' missing in your versandapo.

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oops! Sorry!

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You have some excellent advice in the replies. It is really simple and I have found it doesn't hurt, if it does you are doing something wrong. When I was shown by our practice nurse I was surprised she didn't use an alcohol wipe of the area for the injection but never asked why so I bought some with the kit, then I found out why, because that stings when you put the needle in taking some alcohol with it. Now I don't use them

Also, when you order your kit include a box of spot plasters to pop onto the injection site afterwards as there might be a little spot of blood come out.

I inject weekly at the moment and always have a box of strong, large sized paper handkerchiefs to hand. I use one to lay out the kit on the table by my bed and the other for holding the ampoule and snapping off the head, after shaking the contents into the bottom. There is a spot on the neck of the ampoule indicating where it will break easily. Hold it through the tissue with the left thumb and finger then use the right thumb to press the top back gently until it pops off. You will probably shatter one but no more.

I find the best time is when I am about to get into bed. Make sure there is plenty of light and if you get a tremour as you go to do it then stop and start again. As I was taught many years ago 'If you can do it once, you can do it twice, then you can make a habit of it.' Now the whole exercise takes less than 5 minutes from getting the kit ready, injecting, disposing of the contaminated sharps and the odd bits of packaging. A quick gentle rub of the thigh muscle and a nice relaxing snooze as the carmine red wonder juice works its magic.

No need to wish you luck as it will go perfectly well.

More suggestions here:

Versandapo a bit cheaper on delivery

Good luck Lorraine - I found it daunting to begin with but soon becomes second nature and you'll be so glad you took the plunge 🤗

I started self inj. about 2 weeks ago. It is a bore but not a problem. I have found it painless into the thigh.

Someone, more experienced, will give you a list of what to buy.

when you put the needle in, draw the syringe back to make sure not in a blood vessel and then continue to inject into upper outer quadrant ( important to get place right because of nerves elsewhere)

Hi, I inject 1ml. monthly in my thigh alternating each month. Remember you have to inject into the muscle, I use 1 inch syringes. I used to hate needles too and tried alternate routes. But I had to take an enormous amount of pills & the Nasal Gel, UGH, it felt like you shoved Jell-o up your nose. The injection is less messy, much quicker & is the best way to get the B-12 in to your body. I've been doing this for over 20 years! Good Luck To You!

I have been injecting at the top of my arm so far and have found that getting the needle in is not an issue, but that pushing the liquid in is very painful and can only do very slowly. I've ordered the B12 from Versaandpo so trusting it is not something else. Is this because it's in the arm and I won't have that problem if injecting in the thigh? I'm not normally skirmish at all, but I don't look forward to doing them.

Thanks everyone I have now ordered some but will be back for more help and advice...

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