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Jeremy Hunt awarded “Humanitarian Award"

I have just borrowed this from 'Thyroid' with humanbean's permission.

My computer skills don't include putting in the links I'm afraid.

"Jeremy Hunt awarded “Humanitarian Award” for patient safety

humanbeanhumanbean a day ago 17 Replies

Jeremy Hunt has been awarded a Humanitarian Award for patient safety despite overseeing the biggest crisis in the history of the National Health Service.

The Health Secretary was awarded the accolade for his global leadership on patient safety at the World Patient Safety Summit this weekend.

According to Nursing Notes, previous winners of the award include President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Patrick H. Conway – all of whom worked tirelessly towards free and equal access to healthcare services in the US.

But as well as overseeing a period of crisis in the NHS, Hunt has also presided over the dismantling of the health service as private partners gobble up vast chunks of the tax-funded healthy body.

Article continues here :

I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Edit : Ah, the truth will out! Jeremy Hunt organised it. He awarded it to himself : "

My reply - they will give it to Trump next .

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I thought at first it must be fake news 😳

I already thought the world had gone mad - now I know, Trump, Boris and now this .....😱“humanitarian-award”-for-patient-safety


PS. Any chance of a cartoon to cheer us all up beginner ? - still giggling at the picture conjured up in your last reply :

"how about the vet comes and gives the sheep, cows, pigs (dogs, cats) etc. B12 injections while the farmer's wife is told, by the GP, "It's all in your head."


Hi Polaris I'm working on it.


🤗 that's cheering me up already beginner !

I know it's a big ask but really appreciated.....


I've put it on my Facebook page with the comment "I'm speechless"


clivealive speechless! Never.

What about a pun or two.


I think he's probably "medalled" (sic) enough with :)the NHS already beginner1 :)

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Links lifted from Thyroid UK post:

Any admins around? Feel free to copy links from this post and edit them into beginner1's post - and delete this. :-)


Thanks helvella I hoped someone would do it.

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I’m totally speechless ! Has the world gone mad ? Well we know the answer to that !

Thanks for letting us know . I’ll have a private rant now . ....

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So he gets an award for doing the job he's paid to do.

And I don't think my " patient safety" was 100% when I was sent home from A&E having been told I had a sprained ankle when in fact I had a broken fibula. Or when I went to the GP with horrendous headaches, no examination, just told its iron ably another type of migraine--- hmmm that was an over-rotated spine with a piece of bone sticking out of my neck, had he even bothered to look at me. Or when I was told my B12 deficiency was " nothing, it's quite normal" ........... I could go on.

But my experiences pale into insignificance compared to patients left on trolleys in corridors, patients treated in ambulances in parking bays, people with severe mental health problems sent home with a promise of " therapy in the future"

Politicians look after themselves. Full stop. That is all they're interested in.


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