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Confused with latest tests!

Hi all, done a couple of posts now but here is the latest and would appreciate some help.

End of Nov:

B12 - 71

Iron - 42

Folate - 2

Bloods from this week

B12 - expectedly sky high after loading doses

Iron - 8

Folate - 2

Dr completely scratching head as to why iron has plummeted. And has now prescribed iron and is seeking advice from a gastro. Could something like a stomach ulcer cause this? Already supplementing Folic Acid.


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Hi Loola88 has anything been said about supplementing with folic acid as I would say you are deficient on both tests.

There is a complex interaction between folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron. A deficiency of one may be "masked" by excess of another so the three must always be in balance.

Symptoms of a folate deficiency can include:

symptoms related to anaemia

reduced sense of taste


numbness and tingling in the feet and hands

muscle weakness


Folic acid works closely with vitamin B12 in making red blood cells and helps iron function properly in the body.

I am not a medically trained person but I've had P.A. (a form of B12 deficiency) for more than 45 years.

I wish you well


Thank you for your reply.

Folic Acid is being supplemented, any ideas why the iron has gone crazy?


No - I'm sorry, but I remember back to when I was first diagnosed with P.A. in 1972 that in later years I had to have iron infusions.

My levels used to go up for a while and then drop until I eventually went to the haematology department at the local hospital and was told that I needed be on iron supplements permanently.

I now have taken 1 – Folic Acid 400μg

and 1 – Iron Ferrous Fumarate 210mg tablets every day for more years than I can remember.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I will be able to give you an answer.

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Thanks Clive.

It’s a nightmare isn’t it. No wonder I feel horrendous this week.

They’ve put me on Ferrous Fumarate capsules 305mg and folic Acid is 5mg.

I’m an investigator for a living so all these facts and numbers and not knowing is driving me round the bend!


Ulcer? Have you been tested for h pylori? A high percentage of ulcer are caused by h pylori, possibly up to 80 %. H pylori causes issues by reducing the stomach's production of acid and intrensic factor. This can cause malabsorbtion of iron and b12.

The body views iron as toxic when it has an infection because it knows the infection needs iron to thrive.

I have tested positive for h pylori and my wbc has ranged from 7.7 to 9.6 during prior 3 years of testing, so never over the range for wbc. Therefore, wbc is not a good indicator of whether or not you have h pylori.

Please considee testing for this root cause of a b12 def.


Thanks Kimberin.

Let’s see what the gastro says. Interesting about the iron and infection though!!


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