Help! Philippines and b12 deficiency

Is there anyone here from the Philippines? Or does anybody know anyone from the Philippines who had to deal with b12 deficiency?

Apparently b12 deficiency is not an issue here? I had stomach issues for a year now. But 8 months ago went to see a doc and gave me ppi. I took it for 3 weeks and 2 weeks into taking them I noticed random twitching in my body and intermittent tingling sensations in both my toes. I was vegan also then for about 2 months. Didn't think much of it. But after a month I went to see the doc again because it was bothering me and had bloods done. It all came back normal. But we had nothing to check for b12 deficiency. He looked at the results and said they were all normal. So it could be b12 deficiency. He gave me b-complex which I didn't take for another month or so.

But then, my intermittent tingling became constant, I had burning sensations in my shins, fatigue increased, anxiety was worse, twitching still there, dizziness and low blood pressure.

I went and took the b-complex then and after two months maybe, the burning sensations were gone, I was a little better but my tingling sensations on both feet were still constant.

I went on and bought b12 sublinguals 2 months ago and it made me suicidal! Like wow! I also feel a lot worse for a few days prior to taking them. Then I finally decided to take this seriously and have it thoroughly checked out. I'm flying to another city and seek professional help.

How long do I have to wait before I request b12 test? I'm planning on seeing a doctor from another city, Cebu City. But I'm scared, what if what I feel is not due to b12d? Also discouraged about how they'll also refuse to take my symptoms seriously like how the other 4 doctors in my city did. This is frustrating. I asked around about b12 deficiency and they all tell me to just take b-complex. Ugh!

At this point I'm too scared to know what's causing my tingling sensations. It's not only in both my feet now but spreed up to my calves as well and sometimes when I lay, I feet it in my back too.

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  • Hi,

    I'm in UK.

    UK B12 websites

    Some information on these websites may be just for the UK.

    PAS (Pernicious Anaemia Society)

    Based in Wales, UK but has members from around the world.


    PAS tel no +44 (0)1656 769 717 answerphone so messages can be left

    B12 Deficiency Info website

    B12 Awareness (USA website)

    B12 books I found useful

    "What You Need to Know About Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency" by Martyn Hooper

    Martyn Hooper is the chair of PAS (Pernicious Anaemia Society). Book is up to date with UK B12 guidelines.

    "Living with Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency" by Martyn Hooper

    Has several case studies.

    "Could it Be B12; An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses" by Sally Pacholok and JJ. Stuart (USA authors)

    Very comprehensive book about B12 deficiency with lots of case studies.

    I hope you find someone from the Philippines to help you.

  • Hi, thanks. I hope so too.

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