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B12 injection dose


I am 57 years old and had a total gastrectomy 9 years ago on 29 May 2008. Because my stomach has been removed my body cannot absorb b12 from foods or tablets. I have to inject myself with b12.

My doctor believes that the correct dosis for b12 deficiency is 1mg per month. However when I only inject 1mg per month I have pains in my arms and legs, restless legs, bad muscle cramps in my feet and legs and am very teary. I am on an anti-depressant and high dose of magnesium to assist with the symptoms.

I wonder if my b12 injections are more frequent if my symptoms would subside and I can take less other meds.

The cardiologist said I should inject every 10 days with neurobian but then the endocrinolohist said once a month with lennons b12. So I do not know what to do.


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Unfortunately there is a lot more individual variation in how individual patients respond to B12 than most medics are aware of. It does sound as if you are being undertreated at present.

where are you based? sounds like US from treatment regime.

B12 isn't toxic so more frequent injections aren't a problem and really the important thing is to listen to your symptoms and follow what they are telling you.

The preparation your cardiologist is suggesting also includes cyanocobalamin and B1 - that mentioned by your endo is just cyanocobalamin. It would also appear that B1 hasn't been associated with any toxicity.

would suggest you go with the recommendation from your cardio - but that is a personal conclusion - though it would be useful to know why he things that the combination of B12 and B1 is needed.

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