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Hi all. Thanks to Stayfocussed, I looked up more info regarding PA, MTHFR and anxiety. I had an appt with primary this morning and talked about what I learned. It seems the synthetic form of b12 aka Cyanocobalamin is not the greatest for MTHFR patients. I learned that this one has to take time to transform into the methylb12 in your system in order to work properly. This is why I really don't feel any better after my weekly injections. Then after a few days, I start to feel a little better. But, just a few days later, I start to feel the drop. What I learned is the Methylb12 along with folinic is best for those with MTHFR gene mutation. Also, instead of once a week, scientists say twice a week is better for even relief. My doc agreed and has ordered Mtheylb12 and folinic. The b12 I'll try is a pill that dissolves under the tongue. Has anyone tried that? I mean I'm all for giving up injections, but just want to make sure it works. What sparked this is although a lot of the major PA symptoms are relived, my anxiety has now gone thru the roof. I hate taking anti anxiety meds and am looking for a more healthy relief. Anyone who has PA, MTHFR and anxiety, I'd love to hear from you. Also, anyone with PA and stomach problems and weightloss. Today at the doc, I was 96 pds. That's from a healthy 130

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sublinguals may work for some people but they don't work for others. Ditto with methyl - works for some doesn't work for others and it is actually only one of the two forms that are used by cells - the other is adenosyl.

please see fbirder 's response on this post in relation to methyl v other forms of B12.

whilst it may be the case that methyl might be the form that helps you this is far from being universally true - even for people who have MTHFR mutations that affect the efficiency of methylation processes.


It references this article from 2015


The conclusion in the article referred to is:

At doses commonly used in treatment or prevention of Cbl deficiency, all Cbl forms appear to be absorbed, internalized by the cells and follow the intracellular metabolic pathway that converts all forms into the common intermediate [Co2+]Cbl that in its turn transfers into the functional coenzymes, MeCbl, and AdoCbl. MMACHC exhibits a broad specificity for different Cbl forms and removes the upper ligand of incoming cobalamins, thus MeCbl and AdoCbl coenzymes can be synthesized from all available Cbl forms. Available clinical studies are non-controlled trials and almost all of them show the beneficial biological effects independent of the form that has been used.

Currently, we do not have sufficient evidence to suggest that the benefits of using MeCbl or AdoCbl override that of using CNCbl or HOCbl in terms of bioavailability, biochemical effects, or clinical efficacy. There is uncertainty regarding the claimed superior role of Cbl coenzyme forms for prevention and treatment of Cbl deficiency (Table ​(Table1).1). However, HOCbl may be an advantageous precursor of the cofactors, particularly in the inherited disorders of metabolic Cbl processing. CNCbl is a more stable and inexpensive form that appears to be best suited for oral supplementation and parenteral treatment as well.

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Wow Gambit62. I had no idea. Thanks so much and I will check out the other post


Hello wowo23! I am in the same boat; PA, MTHFR and Hashimoto's. I struggle with anxiety but not extreme. I am sorry you are dealt with all this I know the anxiety is hard. Have you had your thyroid antibodies checked? For Hashimoto's? Just a thought. I take methylb12 injections about once every two weeks but my doc gave me a RX for every week. When I was just doing subliminal I don't think I did as well. I do believe the methylb12 helps me. I do not take folate as my was high on a lab test. Not sure what that means?? I am still struggling with getting my health back on line have good days and bad and am really considering quitting my job as so stressful. There are a lot pa tummy issues associated with PA. Things that have help me; betaine HCI Pepsin, Mega sporebiotic. I have read that selenium in the morning and magnesium in the pm can really help with anxiety experienced by Hashimoto's. Will keep you posted as just starting. I also try to follow paleo diet for autoimmunity. They say lots of bone broth is excellent for healing the gut. Good luck and hang in there. It does take time to heal.


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