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I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency approx. 18 months ago, at that time I also developed neuro symptoms in my feet, A simple test with an instrument similar to a tuning fork showed a degree of loss of nerve function in my lower leg. After some argument I got GP to agree to do a referral for Nerve Conduction Tests, and I received a letter from local hospital to say I was on their waiting list. 2 days ago I received an appointment from a different hospital in a different health Board area with an appointment for a ELECTROMYOGRAM, I have Googled this there is a lot of information about, but nothing to suggest this is usual procedure for B12 deficiency. Anyone else had this or know if it is usual practice.


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  • Nerve conduction studies and electromyography are normally carried out together. They use very similar equipment.

    B12 deficiency is just one cause of peripheral neuropathy. These two tests will help determine if B12d is the cause and, if it is, help determine the severity of the neuropathy.

    The EMG measures the response of the motor nerves. Some causes of PN will affect sensory and motor nerves (if they do the sensory nerves tend to be affected first). Others only affect sensory nerves.

    So it certainly sounds as if you're getting the right tests.

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